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Digital Planet

Digital Planet is a 100% Irish owned subsidiary of the HiberniaEvros Technology Group. In 2008, we built out our first Cloud Platform and after several months of testing, we rolled out our first cloud solution in early 2009. In 2010, we invested almost €2m in the latest server, storage and deployment technology to allow customers direct access to manage and deploy their own dedicated and virtual environments.

We offer security and scalability while freeing you from the burden that comes with managing on-premise Enterprise IT Environments, Backup, and Disaster Solutions (DR) solutions. You are never alone with Digital Planet. Once your solution is live, we want to make it deliver real business benefits for you. All of these solutions can be tailored unique to your requirements, built using best of breed technologies from the leading IT providers.

Read more about Digital Planet by downloading our latest brochure.

LoCall: 1890 998 000 – Email: info@digitalplanet.ie – Web: http://www.digitalplanet.ie

Digital Planet, Block G – Cherrywood Business Park – Loughlinstown – Dublin 18


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The 360 Difference

HiberniaEvros has been setting the standard in IT support and services for over 20 years.  Other providers have traditionally offered a limited range of services based on what they can deliver easily.

With the introduction of 360, HiberniaEvros has redefined how Managed Services should be delivered; through a tailored service designed around your real needs.  360 is the first truly complete Managed Services solution on the market; covering all angles with methodical precision.


  • The most important aspect is to listen to the customer.  Then we explore the possible pain points and see where we can bring value.


  • Once we understand how you operate, end-user, management and customer needs, we develop a solution that fits.


  • No two solutions are alike.  We tailor the service and build a solution that is seamless in its integration with existing operations and brings value to your business.

Read more about 360 Managed Services by downloading our latest brochure.

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

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Your IT Service Partner

The HiberniaEvros Technology Group formed as the result of the merger of Evros, The Computer Centre and Hibernia Computer Services in November 2008.

Individually the two companies have been serving the IT needs of Irish businesses for over 20 years.  As a merged entity we have become one of the largest indigenous suppliers of IT solutions in Ireland, with 600 customers of all sizes in all sectors.

Operating from 4 locations nationwide, HiberniaEvros have combined experience with cutting edge technology to ensure we are the premier partner for the provision of end to end IT solutions to every market sector in Ireland. We also operate a 24*7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) which provides direct monitoring and support to ensure the seamless monitoring of our customers IT networks.

Read more about HiberniaEvros Technology Group by downloading our latest brochure.

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

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More than Managed Services

HiberniaEvros has been setting the standard in IT support and services for over 20 years. Our track record of continual investment and innovation has ensured we have always delivered the highest level of service and technical expertise to support Irish business.

360 is the first truly complete Managed Services solution on the market; covering all angles with methodical precision.

360 is about more than just Managed Services. We can incorporate products and services from across the entire HiberniaEvros Technology Group. These include cloud services from Digital Planet with our own in-house designed and managed cloud environment, resourcing solutions from Technical Staffing Services division, Managed Print Services from our dedicated team of print experts, and access to the widest range of product supply and procurement options.

Providers have traditionally offered a limited range of services based on what they can deliver easily. With the introduction – of 360, HiberniaEvros has redefined how Managed Services should be delivered; through a tailored service designed around your real needs.

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Working with HiberniaEvros

HiberniaEvros has built up an unparalleled reputation by offering the highest standards of service available in Ireland today.  This has been rewarded by winning awards and nominations in recent months, which clearly shows that we mean business and that we provide quality service to our client.

The formular is simple and hasn’t changed since starting the company.  We keep true to our core values in everything we do;

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Welcome and Thanks

For launch of the HiberniaEvros’ Newsletter Initiative, Bob Murray (Managing Director of HiberniaEvros Technology Group) was asked to write a few words, outlining the views and opportunities that arises in the near future.  This initiative shows that the organisation is keen on keeping clients, new and old, included in what’s happening and how we can assist you in your upcoming challenges.  Bob explains this better, so go ahead, read the below letter from Bob.

The pleasure has fallen on me to pen a few words of welcome to the inaugural HiberniaEvros Technology Group newsletter. Although they may venture, I don’t believe the best sales person in the world could tell you about everything that’s happening in HiberniaEvros, least of all what the latest industry trends are from some of our partners such as HP, Microsoft, and VMware. So, we’ve hit on this newsletter idea to do just that.

I’d like to say that we’ve decided to do this newsletter due to requests from our clients, and that this is therefore your newsletter. But, I can’t, it’s our newsletter which has been brought about by a need; the need to provide you with another arm of service and support. We’ve put in considerable time and effort developing it in the hope that it will be a source of real value to everyone.

It will not be a sales pitch or just another social tool. In it you will see information that we hope will add benefit and real value to your business be it from within these walls or across the vast array of websites, lists, blogs and tweets across the world. From the outset it will continue to be a newsletter by us, for you.

Twenty years in this business has taught me that the most successful client relationships are the ones where clients regard us as a partner rather than a mere supplier. By partnering through this medium you will get a better understanding of what we and our partners are up to and we’ll get a better understanding of your requirements and steer our business in a direction that suits your needs.

We’re hoping that you will engage with us and communicate to us any areas or topics you would like to see and if all goes according to plan over time it will become your newsletter; detailing topics that are important to you in your everyday tasks.

For those of you who have worked with us in the past, thank you. For those of you that are new to HiberniaEvros, welcome. We look forward to partnering with you through 2012 and beyond.

Bob Murray

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Our Maiden Voyage

HiberniaEvros recently, more accurately on 7 February, released their first edition of a Newsletter.  The basic need for releasing a newsletter is fairly simple – keeping our clients (you) informed of activities within our organisation and also what’s happening on a larger scale in regards to what’s being discussed on the web, social networks, blogs and outside Ireland.

The first newsletter gives a quick introduction to the views of Bob Murray, and how he sees how this newsletter will benefit both us and you.

Furthermore, the newsletter introduces two areas of HiberniaEvros that are seeing an increased level of activity in recent months – both can assist adding value to your organization, in form of finding the right resources and how to reduce costs spent on printing.

  • Managed Print Services; helps companies gain control of their print environments, by designing and introducing new process for working with your printers.  The main objective is helping you to reduce costs, enhance employee productivity, secure your information and documents and achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Technology Staffing Services; using our core IT expertise, we work closely with you to find the staff you need to support your organisation, whether that is consultants, contractors, permanent or outsourced resources.  Working with this team will allow you to focus on your critical business activities, while we find the resources you need.

In addition to introducing some of our services, we are also sharing what’s close to our corporate strategy, which is working with our community.  As part of this, we are inviting our readers to participate in a short survey about outsourcing and cloud initiatives.  For every completed survey, we will make a donation to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.  The kids are our future, so we need to make sure that they have the support they need.

As part of the newsletter, we have also launched a Facebook profile, Twitter and of course LinkedIn.  Many of you might already follow/like us on these social networks, if not, then visit those sites and take part in the streams over there.  I will be honest, they are just starting up, so content is still being shared.

The blog site you are visiting now, will continue to grow content and will share our views on various streams.  Again, if you want to share or suggest articles, please use the comment sections below.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.  If you have any feedback, leave it on this site or contact us directly.

Again, to our new and existing customers “Welcome & Thanks”!

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A Genius Experience

During a recent trip to the US, I experienced some problems with my travel companion, aka iPad 2, and decided to visit the local Apple Store to test their hands-on knowledge.  It was an opportunity to see how the Apple corporation dealt with customers and whether it really is as hyped up as we hear in the news.

My perception of Apple is as follows.  Please note, this does not reflect my views of their products and is most likely a stereotype image of an Apple employee.  It all stems from the appearance of Mr. Jobs, who is the true visionary of  Apple.

Steve Jobs has always, to me at least, appeared as a very relaxed CEO with a very relaxed and simple sense of attire.  I have no objections to jeans and turtlekneck shirts, but sometimes it looks better to wear a suit – not necessarily a tie.

BUT, Apple is at the same time an organisation that strives on developing tools and applications that borders perfection.  You pay higher prices for their equipment primarily because of design.

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The new HiberniaEvros

HiberniaEvros unveiled their new look early 2010, in the form of a new logo, a refreshed web site and a long-range of services.  The following sections will try to explain our ethos.

Our Technology

The logo symbolises people and technology working together.  Technology requires human input and we make sure the technology fulfill the client’s requirements.  Before deploying a technology, we will work with the client to understand their business objective, in order for us to recommend and deploy the best solution.  We take pride in developing our own staff to be highly skilled and experienced, providing clients with the expertise to complete any assignments.

To underpin our technology and delivery of solutions, we pride ourselves that HiberniaEvros …

  • Has some of the most technically qualified and experienced consultants working in Ireland today
  • Continue to identify the best technologies available
  • Develops with market leading technology companies
  • Actually supply technologies that delivers real benefits to our customers

Our People

It is important to portray our ethos in our logo and colors.  For that reason, we chose purple as our main color.  Purple has always been known as a warm color.  But more importantly, the new logo and new colors reflects our approachable

and human-focussed culture.  But, actions speaks louder than words, so in order for existing and new clients to work with HiberniaEvros, we:

  • Deliver what we promise!
  • Take time to listen to your requirement and understand your business
  • Provide solutions customers ask for, not just technology
  • Work with clients and their teams, to achieve the goals
  • Develop close relationships with our partners, to provide in-depth technology advise
  • Meet with clients to listen and assist with projects
  • Get involved with small and large projects – one size does not fit all

Our Solutions

We pride ourselves on taking a creative approach to solving your problems – so our new image will obviously help us create even more imaginative solutions!  When it comes down to it, the client is our main focus, so the solutions provided are developed with the client, not just for the client.

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Better than the rest?

For almost 2 decades HiberniaEvros has been servicing the Irish market, providing a wide range of IT related products – just like so many other ITC companies in Ireland.

There has been many years of growth within the Irish ITC market, as a result of the famous Celtic tiger, and huge International organizations have created their EMA headquarters in Ireland.  However, it would be unfair to contribute HiberniaEvros’ success in the Irish market solely to this failed monster – now a mythical creature similar to Loch Ness.

True, many organizations throughout Ireland benefited extremely well from the economic growth, but it was also because other industries had no problem paying excessive prices for products and services.  As long as you could get the latest software version or most advanced hardware, customers would pay above the odds – giving them a short-term advantage over the competition.

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