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Cherrywood Hunger Games

A few days ago, Cherrywood was host to the first of hopefully many charity events, where HiberniaEvros and Welocalize came face-to-face in a bake-off.

The aim – Raise much-needed funds for Focus Ireland.

The event was a huge success and HiberniaEvros increase their collection with over €500, etching closer to the overall target of €3,800.  We are getting there, but still some way to go.

Currently, we have raised 61.71% of our goal, but to meet the target we need your help.

The winners of the Cherrywood Hunger Games were:

1st Place – David Cody

2nd Place – Eileen Shinners

3rd Place – Caroline Godsil

This was just one part of the overall fundraising efforts of Louise, Sharon, Hugh, Eileen and David who are currently training to partake in the Four Peaks Challenge in June.  If you would like to help us in our efforts you can do so by following the link below.



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Do the right thing…

HiberniaEvros is always aiming to help the community and environment, and have been involved in numerous ‘green’ projects in recent years such as planting trees, implementing HP Blade technology and providing managed hosting services to reduce the carbon footprint for SME’s.

Mid 2010 Monica Medina, managing director of Desarollo 360, approached HiberniaEvros with the aim to discuss CSR (corporate social responsibilities).  For many organisations, CSR is only about saving the rain forest, reduce immersion or sign up to Greenpeace.  But, CSR is much more than that.

Desarollo 360 became involved with an NGO in Costa Rica called CEPIA, which seeks to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers from low-income families in the coastal communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Monica travelled to Costa Rica and saw first hand the support CEPIA provides for the local community, in particular single women who had been abandoned by their husbands, and they were now trying to make a living and provide for their kids.

Monica went on to write an extensive paper on how to empower women in Costa Rica.  Shortly after releasing the document, Monica was approached by the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla Miranda, who was very interested in Monica’s work and the research she had completed.

Desarollo 360 has stayed in touch with CEPIA, to follow their progress.  As CEPIA is a non-profit organisation all their money comes from the Costa Rican government and other donations.

Between HiberniaEvros and Desarollo 360, it was agreed to support CEPIA, despite the economic climate in Ireland.  In order to help CEPIA with administering the records and details of the local activities, and to stay in touch with the World using the web, HiberniaEvros and Desarollo 360 have shipped a 24″ iMac to Costa Rica.  Mac are known for efficient use of space and simple to use interface, and it only requires one power connection.

We hope the CEPIA will find the unit useful and that it will help them in the work.

Furthermore, we hope that this act of random kindness will inspire other companies to support communities within or outside their areas.  It doesn’t cost much and every little donation helps.

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Travel or not to travel

Laptops have for years been the preferred computer for the road warriors, and it has in recent years been challenged numerous times in regards to mobility.  Several hard and software companies have attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to develop smaller and more portable computers in an effort to make working on the road much better.

As a result, consumers have been introduced to ultra-portable notebooks, net books, tablet PCs, Smart phones and other patented inventions – all in the name of portability.

Ultra-portable notebooks are mainly a slimmed down version of the standard notebook, so it has a smaller screen (around 12-13″) and may come with CD/DVD drive built-in.  It’s fairly portable, meaning it’s weight is around 1.5-1.7kg.  However, it is still in most cases running Windows, so the user is still depending on the boot time of Windows.

Net books, often also running Windows, is an even smaller version of the notebook.  It’s coming in around 1.3-1.5kg, so even more user-friendly in regards to portability.

The Tablet PC never really hit it off as a mainstream notebook, but has been very useful in some industries.  It’s not portable mainly because of its weight and tablet functionality.

The mainly problem for most portable notebooks is not necessarily the weight, but the time it takes to boot.  This is one of flaws in the Windows OS and how it loads the drivers.  Also, some Windows versions require a fair bit of RAM, which the smaller notebook ranges can’t accommodate.

That means mobile users have 2 main challenges; Windows speed and hardware performance.

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