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Quick look at Windows 8

The long anticipated release of Windows 8 happened, and the launch was done in true Microsoft style on 26th October in New York City, and is quoted by Mr. Ballmer as being “the best Windows release ever”.  It takes Windows to the next level in regards to user experiences as it is a brand new interface to the Windows platform.  For Windows Phone users, the ’tiles’ are now extended to the Windows OS, and have received a colour palette uplift – the earlier versions of the Windows Mobile OS was primarily blue.

Users who prefer to go back to the classic Windows OS mode can certainly chose to do so.  Not too sure what classic Windows means; for me classic means Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 look ‘n ‘feel, but that would likely be considered ancient by most.

One of the key questions repeatedly asked is, what will Windows 8 offer organisations and what is the upgrade path?

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It’s Coming … soon

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Yammer becomes SharePoint?

With Microsoft’s not so recent acquisition of Yammer, it sets the scene for an interesting battle on the corporate social media arena.  Not only does Microsoft take on other big players like Jive and Tibbr, but they are also to some extent competing with their own future release of SharePoint 2013.

At the moment, Yammer sits outside the Microsoft farms and is essentially a standalone product.  But it’s widely assumed, or should I say expected, that Yammer will be adopted into the Microsoft family like any other products/companies Microsoft has bought in recent years.

This integration with Microsoft’s infrastructure and product suites will only strengthen Yammer’s position in the market, as they will get a much wider reach with the access to Microsoft datacenters and Cloud technology.

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Protecting Your Digital Identity

Digital or Online Identity applies to everybody, once you navigate and use the Internet.  It’s basically data that uniquely describes an individual or entity (e.g. company) and this data holds information such as relationships, services, images, resumes, client details, etc.  All that information is very useful for the people who need to access this in order to conduct business or communicate with you, but once this gets into the wrong hands it can cause severe problems.  Whether you are reading this as a company or individual, navigating on the internet needs to done with caution and there are some basic guide lines that should be considered.   It might be common sense, but unfortunately not all Internet users consider this when surfing the cyber waves.

There are people who thrive on hacking into systems for various reasons, but many times they don’t consider the impact this might have on the individual or the business.  At the same time, these hackers often “break” into system because they can and because the systems that penetrate weaker security measures implemented.  Some hackers may even conducts these attacks simply because they like a username in Twitter, as Mat Honan found out the hard way.

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iPhone 5 is coming

In just a few days the iPhone 5 will be revealed by Apple, at the San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which Apple normally uses for such events.  The event will begin at 10am Pacific Time (or 1pm EST), just in case you received an invite and is planning on attending the unveiling.

So, what new wonders will the next generation iPhone deliver to the audience?

  • Photos have been circulated in recent months that the iPhone 5 will have a larger 4-inch screen
  • The dock connector is most likely changing into a smaller port, which also means you need to change some of the docking peripherals
  • New high-speed LTE connection will most likely feature too, which will put pressure on your data plan
  • It will no doubt be delivered with iOS 6, the new mobile software Apple revealed back in June

Are you getting the new iPhone 5?

What features do you think will be delivered?

Although the iPhone 5 mightn’t hit the European markets for some weeks, I’m sure the first indicators from the US will determine whether this will be another cool device released by Apple.  I’m still wondering how much more they can push the technology and whether consumers will continue to buy these awesome devices.

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Which Cloud Is right for you?

TechFire 2, the second of ComputerScope’s new focused briefings for IT professionals, was held on 19 June in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.  It was sponsored by HiberniaEvros in partnership with Interxion.

The topic of Cloud continues to gain traction in media, however the discussion increasingly moves further up the priority list of business decision makers, given the opportunity for business to save money in the long run by reducing the operational overheads.  With this in mind, the theme of this event was created to explore “Which Cloud is right for you?”

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The Zenprise MDM app

Zenprise has released an iOS application, that works both on iPhone and iPad devices.  This is a self-service app that allows the user to connect/add their iOS device to the Zenprise MDM solution.

Please note, depending on the security policies deployed within the MDM solution, these will be applied to the device.

Core features

  • Fast access to corporate Email, Calendar and Address Book
  • Always up-to-date with any IT changes
  • Find, locate and lock your lost Device
  • Access corporate intranet services via VPN

iTunes Link – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zp-mdm/id434682528?mt=8

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Mobile Device Management

In short, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solutions that allows for the management of mobile devices, primarily aimed at mobile phones and iPad/tablets – irrespectively of mobile operator/carrier.  It’s an ideal tool to be deployed within organisations that supports either BYOD or company owned device management.

MDM solutions attempts to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices deployed, and that have been granted access to the corporate infrastructure such as mail.  Devices can be added manually, user initiated requests and/or using over the air technology – where the MDM solution sends an invitation to a known device to join the MDM infrastructure.

Once an MDM solution is deployed within an organisation, it can assist reduce support costs and also manage business risks by enabling security features, and enables corporate IT departments to manage the many mobile devices used across the enterprise.  The core objective of any MDM solution is the central remote management, where devices can be secured over the air and wiped if lost/stolen.

With the increase of BYOD and company owned initiatives. it’s important that our clients have access to the best products and solutions to assist with.  As a result, HiberniaEvros has decided to enter this market, not with our own device, but with a MDM (mobile device management) solution from Zenprise – a world leader in addressing the challenges brought about by the BYOD and company owned concepts.

The above just scratches the surface and complexity of MDM, we’re happy to discuss this technology in more detail and work on a solution that meets your requirements and supports your business strategy.

Contact us to talk directly to one of our specialists.

Dublin 01 439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

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Keeping your environment running

End-user support is at the heart of best practice IT service provision. 360 provides a permanently manned, ITIL-conformant service desk.

Our team of certified and exceptionally skilled support engineers deliver first class support.  Your infrastructure must be up and running 24×7, anytime and from anywhere.

IT is important you protect the physical systems, the operating environments, and the applications – across all tiers of your infrastructure. We already deliver a range of services to the highest standards with most issues identified and resolved before they become a real problem for your business. If they do, 360 customers have peace of mind knowing they benefit from our ability to deliver:

  • Break/Fix and Warranty Delivery
    • Our nationwide network of service engineers will be dispatched to repair or replace covered equipment. We can include warranty-based support on a wide variety of products.
  • Monitoring IT Environments
    • We can usually spot problems before they occur, preventing costly disruptions to your business.
  • Remote and On-Site Troubleshooting
    • Most issues can be resolved remotely but we also work onsite as required.
  • Patch Management and Updates
    • Vendors frequently release patches and software updates. We will notify you when new upgrades or patches are released and plan their implementation to meet operational requirements.
  • Data Back-Up, Test and Restore
    • For peace of mind it is critical that your backup regime is regularly tested to ensure that it will work when you really need it to. At agreed intervals, we will perform backups, test their validity, and then restore them to confirm that all data is recoverable.
  • Security Services
    • We can provide experts that will assess your infrastructure to ensure that you are protected. Only authorised users have appropriate access rights.
  • E-Mail Management
    • MiMail is a fully managed email filtering service that checks all emails coming into your organisation for spam, viruses, phishing, Trojans, and worms

HiberniaEvros is an IT Managed Services specialist providing a complete range of outsourcing, support and data centre services.

The HiberniaEvros Managed Services Division offers a range of services that keep your mission critical ICT infrastructures operating. 360 is our flagship service designed to deliver exactly the services you need.

To find out more, email 360@hetg.iecall 1890 911 211 or contact your nearest HiberniaEvros office

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

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WWDC tickets gone in two hors

U2 might be selling tickets within a few hours, but tickets to this year’s big tech event in San Francisco seems to be going even faster.

Ticket’s for Apple’s annual Developer Conference, WWDC, went on sale Wednesday morning US time, and were sold out within two hours.

What’s so special about these WWDC events?

The WWDC provides visitors an opportunity to not only get a sneak preview into the latest iOS and OS X broom-cupboards, but it also gives visitors a chance and interact with the real Apple engineers.

This year’s event is focusing on application development, which is a growing item on many organisation’s strategy and budgets.  However, given the huge interest in this year’s WWDC, I think it’s unlikely that many companies actually managed to get tickets, and they have to do like everybody else who didn’t get tickets – wait for the updates to come out on Twitter and YouTube.

Did you get tickets?

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