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Quick look at Windows 8

The long anticipated release of Windows 8 happened, and the launch was done in true Microsoft style on 26th October in New York City, and is quoted by Mr. Ballmer as being “the best Windows release ever”.  It takes Windows to the next level in regards to user experiences as it is a brand new interface to the Windows platform.  For Windows Phone users, the ’tiles’ are now extended to the Windows OS, and have received a colour palette uplift – the earlier versions of the Windows Mobile OS was primarily blue.

Users who prefer to go back to the classic Windows OS mode can certainly chose to do so.  Not too sure what classic Windows means; for me classic means Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 look ‘n ‘feel, but that would likely be considered ancient by most.

One of the key questions repeatedly asked is, what will Windows 8 offer organisations and what is the upgrade path?

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Protecting Your Digital Identity

Digital or Online Identity applies to everybody, once you navigate and use the Internet.  It’s basically data that uniquely describes an individual or entity (e.g. company) and this data holds information such as relationships, services, images, resumes, client details, etc.  All that information is very useful for the people who need to access this in order to conduct business or communicate with you, but once this gets into the wrong hands it can cause severe problems.  Whether you are reading this as a company or individual, navigating on the internet needs to done with caution and there are some basic guide lines that should be considered.   It might be common sense, but unfortunately not all Internet users consider this when surfing the cyber waves.

There are people who thrive on hacking into systems for various reasons, but many times they don’t consider the impact this might have on the individual or the business.  At the same time, these hackers often “break” into system because they can and because the systems that penetrate weaker security measures implemented.  Some hackers may even conducts these attacks simply because they like a username in Twitter, as Mat Honan found out the hard way.

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iPhone 5 is coming

In just a few days the iPhone 5 will be revealed by Apple, at the San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which Apple normally uses for such events.  The event will begin at 10am Pacific Time (or 1pm EST), just in case you received an invite and is planning on attending the unveiling.

So, what new wonders will the next generation iPhone deliver to the audience?

  • Photos have been circulated in recent months that the iPhone 5 will have a larger 4-inch screen
  • The dock connector is most likely changing into a smaller port, which also means you need to change some of the docking peripherals
  • New high-speed LTE connection will most likely feature too, which will put pressure on your data plan
  • It will no doubt be delivered with iOS 6, the new mobile software Apple revealed back in June

Are you getting the new iPhone 5?

What features do you think will be delivered?

Although the iPhone 5 mightn’t hit the European markets for some weeks, I’m sure the first indicators from the US will determine whether this will be another cool device released by Apple.  I’m still wondering how much more they can push the technology and whether consumers will continue to buy these awesome devices.

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IT topics in 2011 … Are you planning ahead?

As previous years, most businesses have started planning for the new year, in regards to both projects and budget.  With the new budget released December 2010 and the new Finance Act 2011, businesses are looking closer at what they spend, and whether the projects are crucial to the business operations.  Crucial meaning whether the project is essential to the organisations future development or whether it’s just a nice-to-have project.

There are a number of interesting business software trends on the horizon for 2011. Some of these will significantly impact IT organisations, which plan to align itself with business objectives.  IT managers need to keep these in mind when planning, changing or looking for the competitive advantage.

So, what are these trends and what is HiberniaEvros’ take on these?

Mobile computing: With the introduction of the new tablet devices from Samsung, Apple, Dell, and HP, additional considerations needs to be given to mobilising the business applications used for your staff.  More and more applications are becoming thin clients sitting on mobile devices, and IT departments need to deploy mobility servers granting these thin clients access to corporate data.

If not designed correctly, this could have negative impact on the company, potentially exposing confidential data or costing too much money to develop/maintain.  But furthermore, IT departments will have to familiarise themselves with new technologies and move outside their normal comfort zones.

New OS platforms are introduced, new security concerns, extended catalogue of supported devices and the business is now driving the IT roadmap.  The days of the IT department saying NO to deploying new technologies are gone and now they have to react to business demands.

Back To Basics: Companies have, due to the impact of the recession, been forced to make drastic decisions on how to operate IT departments and also how to support the business with limited or fewer resources.  Unfortunately, the brutal fact is that business most go on, despite having lost 20% of the work force or 25% of the IT budget.

IT departments have to adapt to this change.  This trend is set to continue in 2011, despite the so-called positive upturn in the economy.  So, 201 will force companies to look at their operating costs and where these can be optimised.  Please note I didn’t say removed, but optimised.

IT Management has to look at outsourcing both services such as maintenance, but also analyse if it might be feasible to outsource data hosting.  Outsourcing your data is obviously a concern, but if you discuss the requirements and concerns with your service provider, then you will see that it’s actually a very cost-effective and secure solution.

Consolidate the amount of vendors in use, by looking at all the products / services the organisation avail of.  This will allow companies to negotiate better prices with vendors, based on more services purchased.  Yes, you might have more eggs in one basket, but you have to weigh up the risks against the cost of running the organisation.

For SME’s running SaaS applications might be an option, but you need to be careful that you get all the cost details for running these; connectivity required (i.e. internet connection), customizations required and data migration.  Cloud computing buzz will continue well into 2012, but you need to cross check the solution, as if you sign the dotted line, it might be difficult to back out at a later stage.

What this comes down to is paying attention to the SLAs provided by the supplier, and how these are managed.

Living in a Virtualized environment: Virtualizing servers and applications has been done for years now and we are all very good at it.  Physical servers are becoming a commodity, providing the brain and power to the various applications running on them.  But, what’s the next step in virtualization?

The latest trend is to explore the possibility of letting staff using their own purchased hardware run corporate applications – securely.  What?  Yes, let your staff bring in the Mac, Sony, HP, etc. equipment, and provide them with a secure ‘bubble’ to the corporate infrastructure.  This means IT department needs to look at virtualizing not only hardware, but also corporate applications.  It’s not easy to set-up, but once created, it’s fairly straight forward to maintain.

However, you need to re-skill your IT staff, allowing them to become masters in virtualizing hardware and applications.

Businesses in 2011, I’m sure,will be developing strategies to incorporate these new trends and options, which will stretch the boundaries and comfort zones of most IT professionals.  Some might even refuse to move with this trend.

But, where does this leave suppliers/resellers like HiberniaEvros?

Well, HiberniaEvros can provide service to most of these new trends and HiberniaEvros will have to adapt to our customers requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your 2011 plans and we’ll be more than happy to develop them further with you, based on your requirements.

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Are you getting one?

iPad 2. Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery. Coming March 25.

Steve Jobs did surprise comeback yesterday, for his keynote, and for the release of the much anticipated iPad 2.  Mr. Jobs is meant to be out on medical leave, but I guess his personal attachment to the iPad was too much for him to leave for another guy to present.

The media have been talking about the iPad 2 for months now, so the majority of features and designs were not really a surprise.  It is worth noting that the iPad will have some enhancements, which probably will impress even the most hardcore Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom supporter.  It will be interesting to see if RIM can gain a little bit of market share with their upcoming release of the Playbook, but somehow I think Apple have beat them … again.

So, here’s a list of new noteworthy features – for more detailed information on the iPad 2, then I suggest you visit the Apple Store.  Please also note that the iPad 2 is set to be released in Ireland from 25 March onwards.  It’s still not clear if this day is when you start to purchase and how long the delivery time might be.

  • front and back cameras; provides you with two cameras, similar to iPhone 4, making it possible to use both Skype and FaceTime
  • dual processors; dual-core A5 chip, which is faster and should improve speed x2
  • faster graphics; allowing for better movie and game experiences
  • more movement sensitivity; accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope and compass all work together, making the iPad 2 more accurate
  • battery life; introduces an even better battery life … if that’s possible

– for people living in the US, you can order your iPad 2 from 11 march onwards.  Might be worth considering going to New York for a quick shopping spree mid March 🙂

I do have to applaud Apple for having reduced the “old” iPad, hoping to sell off the remaining stock before releasing the newer model.

Now, here’s the scary bit.  It is actually possible to buy pre-release models on eBay!  And, what’s even worse, the price quoted on the eBay site starts at $10,000 – ridiculous in my humble opinion.

The real question is, are you planning on getting the iPad 2, or would you be happy with getting the “old” iPad at a discount.

…I know I’m getting the iPad 2 🙂

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Android v iPhone v BlackBerry

Came across this comic strip and had to share it with you.

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