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Digital Planet

Digital Planet is a 100% Irish owned subsidiary of the HiberniaEvros Technology Group. In 2008, we built out our first Cloud Platform and after several months of testing, we rolled out our first cloud solution in early 2009. In 2010, we invested almost €2m in the latest server, storage and deployment technology to allow customers direct access to manage and deploy their own dedicated and virtual environments.

We offer security and scalability while freeing you from the burden that comes with managing on-premise Enterprise IT Environments, Backup, and Disaster Solutions (DR) solutions. You are never alone with Digital Planet. Once your solution is live, we want to make it deliver real business benefits for you. All of these solutions can be tailored unique to your requirements, built using best of breed technologies from the leading IT providers.

Read more about Digital Planet by downloading our latest brochure.

LoCall: 1890 998 000 – Email: info@digitalplanet.ie – Web: http://www.digitalplanet.ie

Digital Planet, Block G – Cherrywood Business Park – Loughlinstown – Dublin 18


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Which Cloud Is right for you?

TechFire 2, the second of ComputerScope’s new focused briefings for IT professionals, was held on 19 June in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.  It was sponsored by HiberniaEvros in partnership with Interxion.

The topic of Cloud continues to gain traction in media, however the discussion increasingly moves further up the priority list of business decision makers, given the opportunity for business to save money in the long run by reducing the operational overheads.  With this in mind, the theme of this event was created to explore “Which Cloud is right for you?”

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Zenprise and BYOD

The basics of Zenprise

The Zenprise MDM solution is a device management platform that allows the administrator to manage the various devices deployed and that access corporate information.  The capabilities of the platform allows IT organisations to manage the devices; device provisioning, lock ‘n wipe, enforce security policies and application deployment.  Furthermore, the Zenprise solution supports all major platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.  It’s an enterprise end-to-end solution, assisting IT organisations to manage and safeguard access to corporate data.

Deploying the Zenprise solution within your organisation will assist your approach and strategy embracing the BYOD initiative, and allowing personal and corporate-owned mobile devices to access sensitive corporate data securely.  All this, while maintain compliance with your security policies, corporate directives, local legislation and data privacy.

Zenprise also includes an application management features that will aid you in securing what applications can be used on the managed devices, securely of course.  On top of that, you can push these applications out to “your” managed fleet of devices ensuring that these applications are fully up-to-date.  You can even blacklist and whitelist application, thereby enabling a corporate application store.

Core Zenprise MDM Features

  • Platform iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian
  • Architecture the entire device can be managed
  • Security device-levels, secure “tunnels” for apps to communicate
  • App sources enterprise deploys from packages or users can download from public stores – if allowed
  • App stores apps can be pushed according to role
  • Provisioning invite users by sending them a link
  • MDM capabilities password policy, two factor authentication, auto wipe, block jailbroken devices, remote wipe, set network access profiles

Zenprise can support your BYOD strategy

Zenprise enables and enhances the BYOD initiative, by supporting multiple platforms, thereby allowing more devices (and employees) to add their device and get access to corporate data.  Despite this openness, it is still important that devices are secured consistently across all devices, and organisations need to tweak the implementation to meet their requirements.

Employees, who sign up to and have their devices added to the Zenprise MDM solution, must surrender some control of their device.  This has to be clearly documented and communicated with the employee, and the reason for this control is to secure the environment.  The level of control is to be agreed within the organisation, and employees signs up.  If employees are happy with this trade-off, they can always opt out, but they will not be able to get e.g. corporate  mail delivered to their device.  This element is more relevant to the BYOD approach.  If it’s a pure corporate solution, where all devices are owned and managed by the organisation, then this becomes much easier.

Contact us to talk directly to talk to one of our specialists.  Alternatively, we can set-up a presentation of the Zenprise products.

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie


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What Makes A Great MSP?

Many new businesses and existing customers who in recent months have started to ask HiberniaEvros to take on more managed services.  This would range from managing their server room to taking over the management of a large part of the IT organization.  There are many reasons for businesses to look to managed service providers, as it allows the business to focus on it’s main objectives – providing services to their clients and to generate revenue.

But, what does it actually mean being a managed service provider?

Well, a managed service provider takes on the management and delivery of primarily IT related services, such as administrating a client’s network infrastructure, support business applications, manages enterprise hardware (servers, switches, etc.) and even provides strategic support to senior management when reviewing business goals and objectives, and how the IT strategy can support achieving these.

The majority of so-called service providers, only delivers parts of the service, but not necessarily the full end-to-end service.  This is where HiberniaEvros comes into the equation.  We deliver a full end-to-end customized solution.

When do you know if you need the assistance of HiberniaEvros’ managed services?

There are many factors that may determine or guide your decision to engage a managed service provider, which could wary –

  • Managing the infrastructure between office is time-consuming, but yet critical
  • Server farm is growing and becoming difficult to manage
  • There’s a need to streamline and optimize the support organisation
  • Company is looking for way to reduce cost, in a challenging economy
  • New technologies are being deployed that requires specialized skills

Now, you might wonder “why should I go with HiberniaEvros?”.

It’s a fair question, and the competition is fierce these days.  However, don’t just take our word for, but the fact that HiberniaEvros was awarded one of the best managed companies in Ireland, by Deloitte, in 2012.

The Deloitte Best Managed Companies awards programme has been developed to recognise Irish companies on the island of Ireland operating at the highest levels of business performance. The programme seeks to identify best managed companies through an evaluation process that extends far beyond financial results.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a managed services provider such as HiberniaEvros, is that we discover and fix problems before they can affect your business.  We can do that because we have highly skilled people monitoring your infrastructure 24/7.  It is our job and responsibility to know your systems inside-out, and react accordingly, as well as preempt technical problems.  This can only be done by having a proactive network monitoring, patch management and desktop optimization performed on a regular basis.

The main benefits from working with HiberniaEvros managed services are:

  1. Operational efficiency; 24/7 monitoring and proactive system management
  2. Reduced operating costs; access to highly trained/skilled people
  3. You can focus on running your business, and leave the technology worries to HiberniaEvros

Contact us to talk directly to one of our specialists.

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

Hope this helps!

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Concerning Cloud Security – part 2

Following on from my previous post, “Concerning Cloud Security“, I asked our consultants a number of questions, to address some of the concerns there might be in regards to using a cloud hosting solution.  If you have additional questions you want addressed, please feel free to post a comment below, contact us on 1890 911 211 or contact your nearest HiberniaEvros office

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

Hope this helps!

Are the right security measures in place?

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Concerning Cloud Security

With the cloud expanding rapidly, in Ireland and abroad, it starts to become interesting to see what current and potential cloud users consider as being the prohibiting factors for moving company data into a cloud or hosting environment.

For the sake of eliminating confusion, I’m for the purpose of this topic, merging cloud and hosting into one.  I will refer to it as the outsourced solution.  The considerations, or should I say, areas of contention are the same for both solutions.

CompTia recently released the latest trends in regards to moving into an outsourced environment – 58% of CIOs state that they will not put confidential company data into an outsourced solution, and 56% will not stored credit card data in the cloud.  I can certainly understand the latter, given the recent scares within banking and gaming communities, where credit card details have been compromised.

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Helping deliver solutions

Working closely with the leading technology vendors ensures we have the skills to deliver the highest levels of technical service to our clients. We continue to invest time and resources into maintaining and improving these partnerships;

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More than Managed Services

HiberniaEvros has been setting the standard in IT support and services for over 20 years. Our track record of continual investment and innovation has ensured we have always delivered the highest level of service and technical expertise to support Irish business.

360 is the first truly complete Managed Services solution on the market; covering all angles with methodical precision.

360 is about more than just Managed Services. We can incorporate products and services from across the entire HiberniaEvros Technology Group. These include cloud services from Digital Planet with our own in-house designed and managed cloud environment, resourcing solutions from Technical Staffing Services division, Managed Print Services from our dedicated team of print experts, and access to the widest range of product supply and procurement options.

Providers have traditionally offered a limited range of services based on what they can deliver easily. With the introduction – of 360, HiberniaEvros has redefined how Managed Services should be delivered; through a tailored service designed around your real needs.

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Working with HiberniaEvros

HiberniaEvros has built up an unparalleled reputation by offering the highest standards of service available in Ireland today.  This has been rewarded by winning awards and nominations in recent months, which clearly shows that we mean business and that we provide quality service to our client.

The formular is simple and hasn’t changed since starting the company.  We keep true to our core values in everything we do;

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Exchange 2010 and Office 365 – want to know more?

The evolution of Exchange has come a long way since 1993, which is not even two decades, and the latest version of Exchange could potentially change the way organisations deal with emails and Office documents.

Many SMEs, but also large corporations, are looking at ways to secure and improve their Exchange infrastructure.  Most of these solutions often involve buying a lot of expensive hardware and implement complex active directory structures to secure the data.

Furthermore, I would expect that about 80% of any organisation’s correspondence is done using email.  Gone are the days of printing and sending letters, ignoring invoices for a minute, so an increased focus is being given towards new and improved solutions.

Many staff is also getting more and more mobile, in order to meet client needs, and might be working from outside the office.  This results in higher reliance on the end-user’s laptop and how data is secured on these.

Even worse, many of these applications, such as hard drive encryption, cost a fortune and are another application to administer.

The last thing you want is an unsecure laptop; with hundreds of confidential files go missing.  What happens if the hard drive stops responding?  This could potentially be a severe PR incident for your organisation.

Microsoft have for years been leading the way in regards to corporate email.  In recent months, the latest generation of Exchange (2010) was updated with Service Pack 1.  This pack has fixed a lot of security flaws and added new features, and the product is now ready to be deployed globally.  Not in the traditional way, by telling IT departments around the World to upgrade their infrastructure.  Instead Microsoft has created an Exchange infrastructure that is aimed at sitting in the cloud.

  • How does that impact organisations?
  • What’s the security model?
  • What’s the network impact?
  • Do we need to upgrade our link to the Internet?
  • Will it backwards compatible?
  • How much will this cost?

In order to answer all these questions and a lot more, HiberniaEvros are inviting companies to attend a morning seminar, where we will be exploring new deployments and also the migration (upgrade) path of Exchange 2010.  The session will furthermore look at how companies can deploy Office 365.

HiberniaEvros has persuaded a leading specialist on Exchange to speak at this event.  Tony Redmond is one of the leading experts in the world on Microsoft Collaboration technology.  It will be a more practical approach to a deployment, and not too technical, so the event will be of great interest to CTO’s and CIO’s, who are considering upgrading to Exchange 2010.

The new advances in Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 bring new levels of reliability and performance to help companies control their cost and at the same time manage the complexity of providing a business class e-mail solution.  HiberniaEvros has resources available to assist you with developing your Exchange migration path.

HiberniaEvros are pleased to be able to present this free seminar featuring Tony Redmond to our clients – and of course companies who wish to explore this topic in more detail.

Want to you know more?

Keep checking this site for registration details or visit the main HiberniaEvros site.

More to follow soon!

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