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Cloud Capital Forum

This year’s Cloud Capital Forum kicked off last Friday 23 November and took place at the Convention Centre, Dublin.  It was three hours spent with some of Ireland’s digital leaders on cloud computing, cover many aspects of cloud as well as big data and green IT.

Both business and political decision makers attended the event and a common view was that the cloud presents great opportunities for turning the Irish economy around.  In fact, many believe that Ireland has the opportunity to position itself as a cloud centre of excellence; a shining light for Europe and key link to the US and China.

The keynote speakers covered many views and possibilities of the Cloud evolution.  Although the cloud has been around for a number of years, in different shapes and with various names, this is still a new era and it’s not the usual companies that are leading the race.  The competition is fierce and one could compare this with war; new companies coming online, increased rates of efficiency and ability to service a global audience à improved growth circle.

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Which Cloud Is right for you?

TechFire 2, the second of ComputerScope’s new focused briefings for IT professionals, was held on 19 June in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.  It was sponsored by HiberniaEvros in partnership with Interxion.

The topic of Cloud continues to gain traction in media, however the discussion increasingly moves further up the priority list of business decision makers, given the opportunity for business to save money in the long run by reducing the operational overheads.  With this in mind, the theme of this event was created to explore “Which Cloud is right for you?”

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Digital Planet ROI on HP Cloud Platform

Digital Planet has worked with many clients throughout the 12 months, to move to a cloud environment.  Through great work, it is clear that the we have a winning strategy for offering cloud services to our clients.  The below is an extract from a recent released IDC report, which shows how we have been doing.

– For more information on Digital Planet or cloud computing visit www.digitalplanet.ie or email info@digitalplanet.ie.

Digital Planet, a leading Irish managed services provider, is addressing the emerging cloud market opportunity, bringing enhanced reliability, new service offerings, and greater agility. Leveraging HP’s CloudSystem, it has been able to optimize its business offering; increasing revenue while reducing costs and achieving a 96% ROI over the ten months of operation.

In the report also highlighted misconceptions around marketing of the cloud; “For some, the term “cloud computing” was becoming a little tainted by the years of marketing rhetoric and conjecture, which was long on concept but short on hard financial rigor. We hope therefore that it is refreshing for readers to encounter a company that has trusted in the new IT model and has in turn been able to win the trust of its demanding enterprise customers. We have been able to show a clear and impressive return on investment for the 10 months that the solution has been in place.”


In less than a year, HP CloudSystem has helped Digital Planet generate €1 million in new business and reduce the cost of operations by 46%. Public and private HP cloud platforms augment the company’s in-house IT infrastructure, enabling Digital Planet to offer flexible, cost-effective infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to its customers.

Digital Planet’s clients use a service management portal to monitor and configure their environment day-to-day or choose new infrastructure solutions from a service catalogue. This enables them to make changes such as deploying an additional virtual server in just a few minutes without manual intervention.

“More companies in Ireland are looking to transform the way that IT serves their business,” says Brian Larkin, Digital Planet’s co-founder and operations director. “They want their infrastructure delivered as a service that can speed deployment and minimise the need for capital investments. Digital Planet is all about leveraging a cloud-based delivery model to meet that need.”

“HP cloud solutions deliver business transformation and innovation,” says Martin Murphy, Managing Director, HP Ireland. “They help drive growth and profitability through improvements to the business model, enabling Digital Planet to act as a virtual IT team for its customers. The result is that the people who are currently employed by those companies can spend more time delivering value-added services that drive their company forward.”

Read the full report:IDC Expert ROI SPOTLIGHT Digital Planet 2012

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Concerning Cloud Security – part 2

Following on from my previous post, “Concerning Cloud Security“, I asked our consultants a number of questions, to address some of the concerns there might be in regards to using a cloud hosting solution.  If you have additional questions you want addressed, please feel free to post a comment below, contact us on 1890 911 211 or contact your nearest HiberniaEvros office

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

Hope this helps!

Are the right security measures in place?

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Concerning Cloud Security

With the cloud expanding rapidly, in Ireland and abroad, it starts to become interesting to see what current and potential cloud users consider as being the prohibiting factors for moving company data into a cloud or hosting environment.

For the sake of eliminating confusion, I’m for the purpose of this topic, merging cloud and hosting into one.  I will refer to it as the outsourced solution.  The considerations, or should I say, areas of contention are the same for both solutions.

CompTia recently released the latest trends in regards to moving into an outsourced environment – 58% of CIOs state that they will not put confidential company data into an outsourced solution, and 56% will not stored credit card data in the cloud.  I can certainly understand the latter, given the recent scares within banking and gaming communities, where credit card details have been compromised.

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We are here to help

It can at times be difficult for IT departments and CIOs to keep up with new technologies, as they have to consider budgets, user impact and timelines.  It is simply not realistic to keep upgrading hardware and software constantly.  In an ideal World, moving at the same pace as technology would make sure that the firm and IT would be fully up-to-date.

However, you need to consider the impact changes has on the business and it’s end-users (internal and external).  Disruption when hardware is being replaced, new training required for new software and the pressure of keeping the IT budget in line – not overspending.  CIOs has to decide what’s best for the organisation, and this might at times look as if they are slowing down the agility and up-to-date technology as some end-users might expect.

As a result, some end-users might actually label IT as being slow or inflexible.  The challenge for IT is to deploy up-to-date systems, while still stay within budget.

The last thing a CIO wants to hear is that his/her department is hindering or being considering slow.

So, to make sure your IT department isn’t considered slow, you should review your readiness on following topics.  I’m not saying that by looking at or working on these topic you will be alright.  It still has to be quality service and reliable solutions deployed.

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Save Time & Money with 365

Using cloud services can help small to medium businesses save money by reducing the amount of infrastructure required such as computer hardware, software licenses, support resources and the constant battle of keeping all these up-to-date.

As you have read already, or perhaps even witnessed if you attended our recent Office 365 session, deploying cloud applications is no longer something overly complex or expensive, and it allows your business to focus on what it is good at – looking after it’s customers and making money.

Cloud computing has come a long way and all the major players are now offering some level of cloud productivity, granting users access from anywhere in the World.

The beauty of deploying the Microsoft Office 365 solution gives you additional benefits, compared to the competition.  You and your users are already, I hope, using Microsoft product suites, so the learning curve and migration is limited.  User experience is fairly straight forward too, as the tools / applications offered have almost same capabilities as the standard product suite.

All that said, there are a few other services that some users find very appealing.  These have some benefits, but they all require you (and your users) to register or buy additional services.  However, they do provide you with the capability of working in the cloud.

Here are a few of these online tools.  There are plenty of other tools out there, but these are some of the better tools.

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Cost Optimisation and cloud offerings

Without attempting to remind people about the ongoing banking crisis, organisations are required to undergo a tough review.  I’m not going to say this has to be a cost cutting exercise, but more a cost review exercise.

There’s a big difference in my opinion, and also some consideration required when throwing various cost cutting terminology around.  Please remember, your staffs is just as fragile as the current economy, so any little sniff of cost cutting exercises, and they will get worried.  Worried staff will not work to the best of their abilities, as they fear for their future.  Also, staff might start looking elsewhere, and you might end up losing your key staff.

That said, you do need to review all your options, but reviewing and tweaking the IT outgoing is by far my preferred option.  It’s also an option that HiberniaEvros can assist with.

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Cloud Terminology 101

Are you just as confused as I am, when it comes to understanding the cloud lingo?

Well, the cloud nerds in HiberniaEvros have developed a quick little guide, which might just make it a little easier to understand.


Infrastructure as a service, is a cloud infrastructure service.  A virtualised environment is delivered as a service over the Internet by the provider.  The infrastructure can include servers, storage, network equipment, and software.  You normally pay for what you need or use.


Software as a service, is a cloud application service.  Applications are delivered over the Internet by the provider, so that the applications don’t have to be purchased, installed, and run on the customer’s computers.  SaaS providers were previously referred to as ASP (application service providers).  Please note, it may be somewhat limiting as to how much you can customise a Saas application.


Platform as a service is a cloud platform service.  The computing platform (operating system and associated services) is delivered as a service over the Internet by the provider.  In short, it’s a virtualised desktop sitting in the cloud.

Private Cloud

Infrastructure is dedicated to the client with no multi-tenancy elements. Dedicated Servers, firewalls, networks and secure.  But, it’s also a very expensive solution.

Managed Cloud

All infrastructure is maintained, monitored and alerted by the Cloud Provider, i.e. a Virtual IT Support Team.  It can exist on dedicated infrastructure or a multi-tenancy environment.

Public Cloud

Services offered over the public Internet and available to anyone who wants to purchase the service.  Standard products with no customisation.

DR Cloud

Specific term to Digital Planet.  Live dedicated or stand-by Infrastructure intended to provide companies with a DR solution, using it a hot swappable in case of outages.

Cloud Storage

A service that allows customers to save data by transferring it over the Internet or another network to an offsite storage system maintained by a third party.

Cloud Sourcing

Replacing traditional IT services with cloud services.


Software that enables creating, deploying, running, or managing applications in the cloud.

Customer Self-service

A feature that allows customers to provision, manage, and terminate services themselves, without involving the service provider, via a Web interface or programmatic calls to service APIs.


Please contact us if you want to meet up for a cloud discussion.  Our team would be only too happy to clarify the cloud phenomenon further, and hopefully assist you choosing a solution that fits your requirements.  Fill in the online form and we will contact you directly.  You can call us on 1890 998 000 and we will be delighted to talk with you.  Alternatively, you can mail us at info@digitalplanet.ie or click the cloud below.

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€1.6 million injected into the cloud

There has been a lot of hype around the cloud in the last 12 months, and the cloud is gaining increased momentum every day.

Ireland is looking to establish itself as the cloud hub of Europe and has in recent weeks announced that cloud technology will become part of the curriculum in various degrees.  This shows the commitment by Ireland to making Ireland a cloud technology centre.

HiberniaEvros has long talked about the cloud and to underpin this, HiberniaEvros has in recent months invested €1.6 million in a new cloud computing division.  Digital Planet, the new venture, will create 50 jobs over the next three years, supporting clients across the Island.  This is a brave new service and one that will increase HiberniaEvros’ presence in the Irish market.

Digital Planet will provide a so-called “computing on demand” to companies that want to outsource their IT infrastructure, and its day-to-day management, to an external provider.”

Describing the new offering as “Infrastructure-as-a-Service”, Brian Larkin, Operations Director at HiberniaEvros said: “There is no reason why IT infrastructure should not be as easy and cost-effective to use as electricity or water with the flick of a switch or tap.  The technologies and environment are now available to make this happen.

HiberniaEvros is very excited about this new service and invites clients to contact us to learn more about this.

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