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Cloud Capital Forum

This year’s Cloud Capital Forum kicked off last Friday 23 November and took place at the Convention Centre, Dublin.  It was three hours spent with some of Ireland’s digital leaders on cloud computing, cover many aspects of cloud as well as big data and green IT.

Both business and political decision makers attended the event and a common view was that the cloud presents great opportunities for turning the Irish economy around.  In fact, many believe that Ireland has the opportunity to position itself as a cloud centre of excellence; a shining light for Europe and key link to the US and China.

The keynote speakers covered many views and possibilities of the Cloud evolution.  Although the cloud has been around for a number of years, in different shapes and with various names, this is still a new era and it’s not the usual companies that are leading the race.  The competition is fierce and one could compare this with war; new companies coming online, increased rates of efficiency and ability to service a global audience à improved growth circle.

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Which Cloud Is right for you?

TechFire 2, the second of ComputerScope’s new focused briefings for IT professionals, was held on 19 June in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.  It was sponsored by HiberniaEvros in partnership with Interxion.

The topic of Cloud continues to gain traction in media, however the discussion increasingly moves further up the priority list of business decision makers, given the opportunity for business to save money in the long run by reducing the operational overheads.  With this in mind, the theme of this event was created to explore “Which Cloud is right for you?”

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Cost Optimisation and cloud offerings

Without attempting to remind people about the ongoing banking crisis, organisations are required to undergo a tough review.  I’m not going to say this has to be a cost cutting exercise, but more a cost review exercise.

There’s a big difference in my opinion, and also some consideration required when throwing various cost cutting terminology around.  Please remember, your staffs is just as fragile as the current economy, so any little sniff of cost cutting exercises, and they will get worried.  Worried staff will not work to the best of their abilities, as they fear for their future.  Also, staff might start looking elsewhere, and you might end up losing your key staff.

That said, you do need to review all your options, but reviewing and tweaking the IT outgoing is by far my preferred option.  It’s also an option that HiberniaEvros can assist with.

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€1.6 million injected into the cloud

There has been a lot of hype around the cloud in the last 12 months, and the cloud is gaining increased momentum every day.

Ireland is looking to establish itself as the cloud hub of Europe and has in recent weeks announced that cloud technology will become part of the curriculum in various degrees.  This shows the commitment by Ireland to making Ireland a cloud technology centre.

HiberniaEvros has long talked about the cloud and to underpin this, HiberniaEvros has in recent months invested €1.6 million in a new cloud computing division.  Digital Planet, the new venture, will create 50 jobs over the next three years, supporting clients across the Island.  This is a brave new service and one that will increase HiberniaEvros’ presence in the Irish market.

Digital Planet will provide a so-called “computing on demand” to companies that want to outsource their IT infrastructure, and its day-to-day management, to an external provider.”

Describing the new offering as “Infrastructure-as-a-Service”, Brian Larkin, Operations Director at HiberniaEvros said: “There is no reason why IT infrastructure should not be as easy and cost-effective to use as electricity or water with the flick of a switch or tap.  The technologies and environment are now available to make this happen.

HiberniaEvros is very excited about this new service and invites clients to contact us to learn more about this.

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Clear thinking about the cloud

The Commercial profile for Digtal Planet has just been released.  To read the full article, click on the article (image) below.

For a long period of time, the Cloud has been this mystical creature and phenomenon that everybody talks about.  There’s no question that the Cloud is the way forward, but it is important to understand the technology and how it can change your organisation – without huge costs.

Brian Larkin, Operations Dierctor at Digital Planet, was interviewed for this article, where he clearly outlines the objectives of Digital Planet.

In short, and as the articles states, Digital Planet is offering its clients and customers a varied and advanced cloud offering.  Digital Planet has four main solutions; a managed cloud, a private cloud, a disaster recovery (DR) cloud and a public cloud.

These four versions of the cloud have been developed as a result of HiberniaEvros’ two decades of experience in building, maintaining and supporting IT environments.  It has invested in the technology, highly-qualified engineers and the top accreditations from all the major hardware and software vendors.  The only difference is that it is now offering these facilities from a Tier 4 datacentre.

Digital Planet is aiming to help you decide on the best strategy for your Cloud solution.

Please visit us on www.DigitalPlanet.ie for more information or contact us on 1890 998 000.  Alternatively, send us an email on info@digitalplanet.ie.

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Cloud vs Virtualising

In the midst of the recession, companies are still trying to reduce operating costs and are looking at alternative methods of running their organisation’s infrastructure.  The big buzz words for such initiatives are cloud and virtualisation.

All the big providers are providing solutions to run virtualised systems and cloud offerings, such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.  Many of these provides have solutions that require some level of investment and hardware to be installed, whereas other vendors have real cloud offerings in place where no hardware is required.  The main decision to be made is whether you want to make a hardware/software investment or simply move some of your services into a hosted (cloud) based solution.

Where will it be this and next year?

It’s difficult to say, but cloud offerings are on the increase, and most services (hardware and software) are available as cloud systems.  Gartner states that 60% of all computers will, in the next 12 months, run some level of virtualisation, whether that being a PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (software as a Service).  Either way, cloud and virtualisation is moving forward, almost hand-in-hand.

But, what is cloud computing?

The answer is fairly straight forward.  It is an alternative method of accessing and using your computing requirements, whether these are desktop or back-office requirements.  It’s important to understand, the technology is not new, it has just gotten more attractive to clients, especially with the ever-growing mobilisation and consumerization of end-user computing.

At HiberniaEvros, we believe the future of Cloud computing is virtualising the computer, designing the applications and allowing users to use personal computers.  This is where our strength lies; talking to and discussing your cloud requirements, ensuring that we design the architecture that delivers the best results for your company.

To support this, HiberniaEvros has signed a long-term agreement with European Datacentre provider Interxion to locate our IaaS Cloud Platform Solution, Digital Planet, in their Dublin Datacentre.  This agreement was done between Tanya Duncan, Managing Director at Interxion Ireland and Brian Larkin, Operations Director at HiberniaEvros.

Call us on 1890 998 000 and our cloud consultants will be only too delighted to talk with you about your requirements.  Alternatively, you can mail us at info@digitalplanet.ie.

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