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Have a Merry Christmas

To all of you from all of us, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, families, relatives, friends and pets.  We hope that you and your families will enjoy the time off.

We look forward talking to you soon again.



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Quick look at Windows 8

The long anticipated release of Windows 8 happened, and the launch was done in true Microsoft style on 26th October in New York City, and is quoted by Mr. Ballmer as being “the best Windows release ever”.  It takes Windows to the next level in regards to user experiences as it is a brand new interface to the Windows platform.  For Windows Phone users, the ’tiles’ are now extended to the Windows OS, and have received a colour palette uplift – the earlier versions of the Windows Mobile OS was primarily blue.

Users who prefer to go back to the classic Windows OS mode can certainly chose to do so.  Not too sure what classic Windows means; for me classic means Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 look ‘n ‘feel, but that would likely be considered ancient by most.

One of the key questions repeatedly asked is, what will Windows 8 offer organisations and what is the upgrade path?

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Europe’s largest tech conference – we were there!

Digital Planet is exhausted and emotional after the roller-coaster event that was the Dublin Web Summit.  Last year was impressive but this year’s event was just excellent.  We met great people and there was some amazing speakers with ground breaking ideas and insights into the connected world we live in today and a glance at around the corner. We will definitely be back next year.

A break from the norm

We decided to support the great efforts of the summit team and sponsor a stand this year. At some events you find that that you have to fish for people to hook and speak to but we were surprised and delighted with the eagerness that people had to come and learn about what we had to offer. The environment fostered a great sense of technical camaraderie with minimal need for ‘hard pitching’ or selling. Delegates had serious intent weather that intend was educational, exploratory, or more advanced and everyone enjoyed the experience and came away better off.

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Microsoft RTM Release

On Thursday 11 October, Microsoft announced the RTM of Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, and Project + Visio 2013.  But, what does that mean for customers and what other dates are important?

If you are lucky enough to attend the Microsoft SharePoint in Las Vegas, 12-15 November 2012, then you’ll get all the details.  In the meantime, here are a few key items to put into your calendar:

  • Mid-November – Volume licensing customers with Software Assurance will be able to download the Office 2013 applications as well as other Office products including SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013 through the Volume Licensing Service Center.
  • Mid-November – IT professionals and developers will be able to download the final version via their TechNet or MSDN subscriptions.
  • December – Office 2013 applications as well as other Office products including SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013 will be available on the Volume Licensing price list on 1 December
  • First quarter 2013. General availability of Office 2013 applications as well as other Office products including SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013 is planned for the early 2013

Customers who are already using Office 365 should start seeing updates from November onwards, featuring some the newly released capabilities.

By Microsoft previous release standard, this is probably the largest ranging and most ambitious release to date.  The amount of products covered in this release covers most of the Office, server and cloud families.  Every one of these components has received an overhaul and focuses much more on the user experience than ever before.  It also incorporates the touch friendly design that will be available on Windows 8 – and opens new doors for portables for socializing, reading, note-taking, meetings, etc.

Are you planning on upgrading to these new families?

Are you looking at deploying Windows 8 within your organization?

HiberniaEvros will be able to discuss all these technologies in much more detail with you, and perhaps assist you planning your technology roadmap and activities.

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

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Welcome and Thanks

For launch of the HiberniaEvros’ Newsletter Initiative, Bob Murray (Managing Director of HiberniaEvros Technology Group) was asked to write a few words, outlining the views and opportunities that arises in the near future.  This initiative shows that the organisation is keen on keeping clients, new and old, included in what’s happening and how we can assist you in your upcoming challenges.  Bob explains this better, so go ahead, read the below letter from Bob.

The pleasure has fallen on me to pen a few words of welcome to the inaugural HiberniaEvros Technology Group newsletter. Although they may venture, I don’t believe the best sales person in the world could tell you about everything that’s happening in HiberniaEvros, least of all what the latest industry trends are from some of our partners such as HP, Microsoft, and VMware. So, we’ve hit on this newsletter idea to do just that.

I’d like to say that we’ve decided to do this newsletter due to requests from our clients, and that this is therefore your newsletter. But, I can’t, it’s our newsletter which has been brought about by a need; the need to provide you with another arm of service and support. We’ve put in considerable time and effort developing it in the hope that it will be a source of real value to everyone.

It will not be a sales pitch or just another social tool. In it you will see information that we hope will add benefit and real value to your business be it from within these walls or across the vast array of websites, lists, blogs and tweets across the world. From the outset it will continue to be a newsletter by us, for you.

Twenty years in this business has taught me that the most successful client relationships are the ones where clients regard us as a partner rather than a mere supplier. By partnering through this medium you will get a better understanding of what we and our partners are up to and we’ll get a better understanding of your requirements and steer our business in a direction that suits your needs.

We’re hoping that you will engage with us and communicate to us any areas or topics you would like to see and if all goes according to plan over time it will become your newsletter; detailing topics that are important to you in your everyday tasks.

For those of you who have worked with us in the past, thank you. For those of you that are new to HiberniaEvros, welcome. We look forward to partnering with you through 2012 and beyond.

Bob Murray

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Our Maiden Voyage

HiberniaEvros recently, more accurately on 7 February, released their first edition of a Newsletter.  The basic need for releasing a newsletter is fairly simple – keeping our clients (you) informed of activities within our organisation and also what’s happening on a larger scale in regards to what’s being discussed on the web, social networks, blogs and outside Ireland.

The first newsletter gives a quick introduction to the views of Bob Murray, and how he sees how this newsletter will benefit both us and you.

Furthermore, the newsletter introduces two areas of HiberniaEvros that are seeing an increased level of activity in recent months – both can assist adding value to your organization, in form of finding the right resources and how to reduce costs spent on printing.

  • Managed Print Services; helps companies gain control of their print environments, by designing and introducing new process for working with your printers.  The main objective is helping you to reduce costs, enhance employee productivity, secure your information and documents and achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Technology Staffing Services; using our core IT expertise, we work closely with you to find the staff you need to support your organisation, whether that is consultants, contractors, permanent or outsourced resources.  Working with this team will allow you to focus on your critical business activities, while we find the resources you need.

In addition to introducing some of our services, we are also sharing what’s close to our corporate strategy, which is working with our community.  As part of this, we are inviting our readers to participate in a short survey about outsourcing and cloud initiatives.  For every completed survey, we will make a donation to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.  The kids are our future, so we need to make sure that they have the support they need.

As part of the newsletter, we have also launched a Facebook profile, Twitter and of course LinkedIn.  Many of you might already follow/like us on these social networks, if not, then visit those sites and take part in the streams over there.  I will be honest, they are just starting up, so content is still being shared.

The blog site you are visiting now, will continue to grow content and will share our views on various streams.  Again, if you want to share or suggest articles, please use the comment sections below.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.  If you have any feedback, leave it on this site or contact us directly.

Again, to our new and existing customers “Welcome & Thanks”!

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Exchange 2010 and Office 365 – want to know more?

The evolution of Exchange has come a long way since 1993, which is not even two decades, and the latest version of Exchange could potentially change the way organisations deal with emails and Office documents.

Many SMEs, but also large corporations, are looking at ways to secure and improve their Exchange infrastructure.  Most of these solutions often involve buying a lot of expensive hardware and implement complex active directory structures to secure the data.

Furthermore, I would expect that about 80% of any organisation’s correspondence is done using email.  Gone are the days of printing and sending letters, ignoring invoices for a minute, so an increased focus is being given towards new and improved solutions.

Many staff is also getting more and more mobile, in order to meet client needs, and might be working from outside the office.  This results in higher reliance on the end-user’s laptop and how data is secured on these.

Even worse, many of these applications, such as hard drive encryption, cost a fortune and are another application to administer.

The last thing you want is an unsecure laptop; with hundreds of confidential files go missing.  What happens if the hard drive stops responding?  This could potentially be a severe PR incident for your organisation.

Microsoft have for years been leading the way in regards to corporate email.  In recent months, the latest generation of Exchange (2010) was updated with Service Pack 1.  This pack has fixed a lot of security flaws and added new features, and the product is now ready to be deployed globally.  Not in the traditional way, by telling IT departments around the World to upgrade their infrastructure.  Instead Microsoft has created an Exchange infrastructure that is aimed at sitting in the cloud.

  • How does that impact organisations?
  • What’s the security model?
  • What’s the network impact?
  • Do we need to upgrade our link to the Internet?
  • Will it backwards compatible?
  • How much will this cost?

In order to answer all these questions and a lot more, HiberniaEvros are inviting companies to attend a morning seminar, where we will be exploring new deployments and also the migration (upgrade) path of Exchange 2010.  The session will furthermore look at how companies can deploy Office 365.

HiberniaEvros has persuaded a leading specialist on Exchange to speak at this event.  Tony Redmond is one of the leading experts in the world on Microsoft Collaboration technology.  It will be a more practical approach to a deployment, and not too technical, so the event will be of great interest to CTO’s and CIO’s, who are considering upgrading to Exchange 2010.

The new advances in Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 bring new levels of reliability and performance to help companies control their cost and at the same time manage the complexity of providing a business class e-mail solution.  HiberniaEvros has resources available to assist you with developing your Exchange migration path.

HiberniaEvros are pleased to be able to present this free seminar featuring Tony Redmond to our clients – and of course companies who wish to explore this topic in more detail.

Want to you know more?

Keep checking this site for registration details or visit the main HiberniaEvros site.

More to follow soon!

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Twitter in a nutshell

Have you or your company ever wondered why even bother using Twitter?

Let’s be honest.  Twitter can by itself not increase your revenue.  You still need your highly skilled and trained staff to provide customer service and close agreements.

However, Twitter can be used for creating awareness around your company and perhaps making contacts with decision makers and people looking for services/products.  It all depends how you approach and use Twitter.

Twitter recently released a couple of golden rules, which I’ve taken the liberty of re-writing slightly.  So, here are my reasons why you should engage and use Twitter.

Use it wisely – if you do create a Twitter account for your organisation, remember that all comments uttered by that profile has the potential to increase business awareness, but you could easily land in hot water too.  So, be cautious with what and to whom you reply.  It’s not a competition of how many people you reply to or how many tweets you send, but it’s the quality of your tweets.  You need to be seen/heard on Twitter, and this will in turn create an interest in your profile, i.e. organisation.

Gathering pace – your Twitter profile is probably up and running at this stage, and your are starring blindly at the Twitter traffic.  What’s next?  How do people find me?  Well, depending on what business you are in, you will have different interests.  It is these interests that you need to pursue, by following other companies, technologies, people, magazines, etc.  By following more individuals and groups, your Twitter stream will be come more and more busy.

Jump at it – now you have started to follow a long list of people and groups, then it’s time to interact with these by commenting on their blog posts or replying to their Tweets.  If your comments are valid and of interest, other Twitter users might start following you, thereby creating increased interest in your profile/organisation.

Hashtags Boulevard – this is getting a bit more advanced.  Using hashtags in your tweets is basically adding your tweet to a specific search.  You can create searches based on the hashtags and then ‘follow’ these searches.  E.g. your type a tweet about HP Storage and could easily add #greenIT #HP.  If a user, or you, have created automated searches in your Twitter tool of choice, then all tweets with those hashtags will appear.  NOW, this is where your Twitter administrator should start interacting.  The administrator sees a user asking a question or looking for information, and the administrator should jump on this to reply.

Which tools to use?  Well, that completely depends on your Twitter strategy – yes strategy – and how much you are planning to use Twitter.  Personally, I use TweetDeck, which works on both Mac and PC platforms, and that allows you to keep an eye on your searches and ‘friends’.

If you have questions on what your social media strategy should look like, why don’t you contact us?

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Win $10,000

Not much of an explanation required.

If you want the chance to win $10,000, then you better keep an eye on the counter on the APP Store.

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The Dark Side of emails

Most people use it on a daily basis, but do we actually use it safely?

Just as a FYI, when you hit send in your email, the email has actually left the building.  Once gone, you cannot recall the email, so you’d better make sure it should have gone.

Some companies have put in measures to prevent staff from sending emails, by having enabled a centralised email profile that only can be used by selected users or have created rules on the infrastructure to prevent users from sending emails externally.  But, ignoring those exceptions, there’s very little you can do to recall an email, once you’ve clicked send.  By the time staff realise what has happened, the damage is done – they have leaked the information.

In recent months, there have been several incidents in many large organisations.  Staff has made serious mis-judged decisions on what to send and emails have left the safety of the draft folder, and found comfort in an inbox somewhere in the World.  Unfortunately, some emails should never have been sent, because the information in the email is incorrect, the recipient email address is wrong or the email was of an inappropriate manner.  Few people actually consider or comprehend the impact such an incident can have on the company.

Some of the more straight forward concerns are obviously that the company may be seen as unreliable, but this could have a financial impact on the company.  Depending on the nature of the email and it’s content, the company could lose clients and revenue, if clients perceive the company for treating data in a laissez-faire manner.

How do you avoid these things from happening?  One of the best ways is to use common sense.  You don’t send a snail-mail to wrong address.  Employees must remember that an email is just like sending a postcard: anyone who wants to find/intercept it will find a way to read it.  So, when sending mails, no matter the level you have in the organisation, you need to consider some basic email ethics and rules:

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