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HiberniaEvros Short Listed for 2011 Award

HiberniaEvros Technology Group, the Irish owned managed services company, has been short listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Programme 2011.

This is the first time that HiberniaEvros has made it onto the Fast 50 list.

“Being short listed for the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards is great news,” commented Bob Murray, Joint Managing Director, HiberniaEvros. “Outsourcing and IT managed services contracts continue to drive our business forward.  This is a great achievement and acknowledgment of our team.”

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is an awards programme honouring business growth, technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.  The programme ranks the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Ireland based on percentage revenue growth over a five-year period.

In addition, HiberniaEvros will now automatically be entered into the EMEA Fast 500 which pools all Fast 50 winning companies from Europe, Middle East and Africa and ranks accordingly.

The exact place within the ranking will be revealed at the Fast 50 Technology Forum and Awards on Friday, 21st October.


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Who’s at the helm now?

To be honest, I rarely get emotionally involved when celebrities pass away.  It’s sad to hear the news and I feel sorry for their families, but I do not get emotional.

Why would I?  I don’t know these individuals personally and I have only seen their performance on a stage or silver screen – which is probably not even their real personality.

But for some reason, when this message appeared on my iPhone, and shortly after on my iPad, it was like being told someone close to you had passed away.  I know it sounds very strange, given that Steve Jobs has never heard of me and I have never met him.

However, I admired Steve Jobs for what he accomplished within Apple and outside Apple.  You could probably say that he is my John Lennon.

When you then see the outpour of support and grief throughout the World, as the news circled the Globe, one can only begin to understand how many people he touched.  Wonderful pictures of people showing their sadness, almost brought tears to my eyes, all very personal and filled with sorrow.

Here’s a man who through his company developed so many amazing and utterly wonderful creations.  He changed the way we use music, the way we use phones, the way we can access information anywhere.  He introduced simple and yet powerful software and not to forget truly beautiful designs.

He did not only raise the bar for the technology – he was raising the game beyond the grasp of the competition.  The competitors could only copy what he created and rarely come close to what his products delivered.

He inspired young and old people around the World, by showing them that anything is possible if you dare to chase your dream.

Just imagine, a world without Toy Story?  Yes, Pixar was one of his ventures and NeXT paved the way for Mac OS as we know it today.  Even the first Mac introduced had the first pointing device, making sure users no longer had to rely on command line control.

The big question still lingering in my head is, how will Apple Corp progress without their talisman?

I’m certain Mr. Cook will be a great CEO, but does he have the same tenacious and involved approach as Steve Jobs.  I know Mr. Cook’s presentation of the iPhone 4s was a bit subdued, but now we know why.  As a close friend of Mr Jobs, he was probably aware of the state of his health, and it must have been difficult to launch something new, knowing that your friend was fighting a tough battle.

That said, will Apple continue to develop and release groundbreaking products / technologies, or will they just release updated versions of current products.  Only time will tell.

It is with sadness in my heart that I bid you farewell Steve.  I hope your family stays strong and understands that they have the support of millions around the Globe.

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IT topics in 2011 … Are you planning ahead?

As previous years, most businesses have started planning for the new year, in regards to both projects and budget.  With the new budget released December 2010 and the new Finance Act 2011, businesses are looking closer at what they spend, and whether the projects are crucial to the business operations.  Crucial meaning whether the project is essential to the organisations future development or whether it’s just a nice-to-have project.

There are a number of interesting business software trends on the horizon for 2011. Some of these will significantly impact IT organisations, which plan to align itself with business objectives.  IT managers need to keep these in mind when planning, changing or looking for the competitive advantage.

So, what are these trends and what is HiberniaEvros’ take on these?

Mobile computing: With the introduction of the new tablet devices from Samsung, Apple, Dell, and HP, additional considerations needs to be given to mobilising the business applications used for your staff.  More and more applications are becoming thin clients sitting on mobile devices, and IT departments need to deploy mobility servers granting these thin clients access to corporate data.

If not designed correctly, this could have negative impact on the company, potentially exposing confidential data or costing too much money to develop/maintain.  But furthermore, IT departments will have to familiarise themselves with new technologies and move outside their normal comfort zones.

New OS platforms are introduced, new security concerns, extended catalogue of supported devices and the business is now driving the IT roadmap.  The days of the IT department saying NO to deploying new technologies are gone and now they have to react to business demands.

Back To Basics: Companies have, due to the impact of the recession, been forced to make drastic decisions on how to operate IT departments and also how to support the business with limited or fewer resources.  Unfortunately, the brutal fact is that business most go on, despite having lost 20% of the work force or 25% of the IT budget.

IT departments have to adapt to this change.  This trend is set to continue in 2011, despite the so-called positive upturn in the economy.  So, 201 will force companies to look at their operating costs and where these can be optimised.  Please note I didn’t say removed, but optimised.

IT Management has to look at outsourcing both services such as maintenance, but also analyse if it might be feasible to outsource data hosting.  Outsourcing your data is obviously a concern, but if you discuss the requirements and concerns with your service provider, then you will see that it’s actually a very cost-effective and secure solution.

Consolidate the amount of vendors in use, by looking at all the products / services the organisation avail of.  This will allow companies to negotiate better prices with vendors, based on more services purchased.  Yes, you might have more eggs in one basket, but you have to weigh up the risks against the cost of running the organisation.

For SME’s running SaaS applications might be an option, but you need to be careful that you get all the cost details for running these; connectivity required (i.e. internet connection), customizations required and data migration.  Cloud computing buzz will continue well into 2012, but you need to cross check the solution, as if you sign the dotted line, it might be difficult to back out at a later stage.

What this comes down to is paying attention to the SLAs provided by the supplier, and how these are managed.

Living in a Virtualized environment: Virtualizing servers and applications has been done for years now and we are all very good at it.  Physical servers are becoming a commodity, providing the brain and power to the various applications running on them.  But, what’s the next step in virtualization?

The latest trend is to explore the possibility of letting staff using their own purchased hardware run corporate applications – securely.  What?  Yes, let your staff bring in the Mac, Sony, HP, etc. equipment, and provide them with a secure ‘bubble’ to the corporate infrastructure.  This means IT department needs to look at virtualizing not only hardware, but also corporate applications.  It’s not easy to set-up, but once created, it’s fairly straight forward to maintain.

However, you need to re-skill your IT staff, allowing them to become masters in virtualizing hardware and applications.

Businesses in 2011, I’m sure,will be developing strategies to incorporate these new trends and options, which will stretch the boundaries and comfort zones of most IT professionals.  Some might even refuse to move with this trend.

But, where does this leave suppliers/resellers like HiberniaEvros?

Well, HiberniaEvros can provide service to most of these new trends and HiberniaEvros will have to adapt to our customers requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your 2011 plans and we’ll be more than happy to develop them further with you, based on your requirements.

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Client Review – Netwatch Systems

€250,000 Technology Upgrade for Netwatch Systems

HiberniaEvros has implemented a new IT infrastructure worth €250,000 for Netwatch Limited, the technology based asset protection company.

Netwatch is an award-winning provider of remote visual monitoring services worldwide and has pioneered some of the biggest advances in video transmission technology.

The company’s unique technology allows highly trained Intervention Specialists in the Netwatch Emergency Response Centre to watch in real-time any intrusion at a client premises and more importantly, speak directly to the intruders, clearing them from the site thus preventing theft and damage to property.

We moved to a new HQ recently and needed to implement a suitable IT system to meet the demands of a growing customer base,” commented Adrian Norton, General Manager, Netwatch Limited. “We needed a partner who had experience in delivering a project on time and on budget.

Following a tender process HiberniaEvros was selected to deliver a virtualization solution using shared storage.

Our professional services team carried out a capacity planning exercise using the VMWare capacity planning tool,” added John Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Director, HiberniaEvros. “The team then designed a solution based on Microsoft and HP technology.

The new IT infrastructure, which was implemented in three weeks, involved the deployment of virtualization, data replication, MSA 2012i storage, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft licensing. Hibernia Evros also provided training support.

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20 Questions Irish SMEs Should Ask Their Outsourcing Partner

- re-released -

Outsourcing and managed services provider, Hibernia Evros Technology Group has developed a list of 20 questions all SMEs should ask their outsourcing partner.

Most organisations these days cannot work if their email goes down so SMEs need to know the response times agreed in their contract and what happens in an emergency” commented John Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Director, Hibernia Evros Technology Group.

He said that there are a lot of organisations providing IT support to SMEs and the 20 question guide would help firms identify the right partner. “It’s too late to be scrambling through the fine print when your server goes down and you cannot communicate with customers” he added.

The questions that SMEs should ask their outsourcing partner are:

  • How long are you tied in for?
  • Is there a named contact responsible for managing your account?
  • What are the escalation procedures?
  • Who within your company can contact the provider?
  • What are the hours of coverage of the service?
  • Are there any arrangements for out of hours contact in the case of emergency?
  • Is there online access for you to view progress of any outstanding service calls?
  • Where is the service going to be delivered from?
  • Is there a service desk provided?
  • Do the staff providing the outsourcing service understand your business?
  • Can you ask for individuals to be removed from providing your service?
    • Are the conditions clearly defined?
  • Is what is covered under the agreement clearly defined?
  • Is what is NOT covered, also clearly defined?
  • Will the outsourcing services be delivered on site or remotely?
  • How often will their staff visit your premises?
  • Can you exit the agreement early if the service levels are not met?
    • Are your rights in this regard clearly documented?
  • Does the provider have the right to terminate the contract early?
    • Under what circumstances?
    • What notice period?
  • Do you still need to deal with hardware/software suppliers, or will the outsourcing provider take on this responsibility?
  • How often do you receive service reports?
  • Will they regularly measure service quality and performance?

With offices in Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Kildare, HiberniaEvros is an IT Managed Services specialist providing a complete range of outsourcing, support and data centre services.

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