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For the past many months, our LinkedIn profile for the Social Team has increased its connections.  That profile only represents a part of the HiberniaEvros Technology Group organisation.  There are several other parts of us that you might be interested in working with, and these are available on the HiberniaEvros Technology Group company profile page; recruitment, Digital Planet, etc.

We are obviously delighted that we have so many connections, and it has been great interacting with you and it has been of great value to us.

To make sure that you are getting all the important updates and news from HiberniaEvros Technology Group, please follow us by clicking here.


Once you’ve started to follow the HiberniaEvros Technology Group organisation, you can get a lot more information about the services we provide, the people we work with and of course the latest news from our organization.

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Safe browsing

Children are, because of easy access to the internet through home computers and smart phones, migrating to the internet much earlier.  It normally starts with innocent free online games, then they join some social networks, get their first internet iPod Touch with internet access and then they take possession of the family computer for homework and projects.  Before you know it, your kids have more social networks than us parents.  What’s even scarier is the fact that they probably know more about these social networks than us, but with less interest in preserving their privacy, which then opens serious security concerns for your kids and for the family.

It’s becoming more and more important that parents have the serious conversation with our kids about online security and best practices.  How many parents have even had this conversation with their kids and how many have helped their kids implementing safer policies on their Facebook account?

For some kids, taking a photo with their smart phone and posting on their Facebook page is fairly innocent.  But some of these photos should not be shared with the World and may actually cause harm to some individuals, especially if these images are circulated among groups making fun of people – hence the term cyber bullying.

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Our Maiden Voyage

HiberniaEvros recently, more accurately on 7 February, released their first edition of a Newsletter.  The basic need for releasing a newsletter is fairly simple – keeping our clients (you) informed of activities within our organisation and also what’s happening on a larger scale in regards to what’s being discussed on the web, social networks, blogs and outside Ireland.

The first newsletter gives a quick introduction to the views of Bob Murray, and how he sees how this newsletter will benefit both us and you.

Furthermore, the newsletter introduces two areas of HiberniaEvros that are seeing an increased level of activity in recent months – both can assist adding value to your organization, in form of finding the right resources and how to reduce costs spent on printing.

  • Managed Print Services; helps companies gain control of their print environments, by designing and introducing new process for working with your printers.  The main objective is helping you to reduce costs, enhance employee productivity, secure your information and documents and achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Technology Staffing Services; using our core IT expertise, we work closely with you to find the staff you need to support your organisation, whether that is consultants, contractors, permanent or outsourced resources.  Working with this team will allow you to focus on your critical business activities, while we find the resources you need.

In addition to introducing some of our services, we are also sharing what’s close to our corporate strategy, which is working with our community.  As part of this, we are inviting our readers to participate in a short survey about outsourcing and cloud initiatives.  For every completed survey, we will make a donation to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.  The kids are our future, so we need to make sure that they have the support they need.

As part of the newsletter, we have also launched a Facebook profile, Twitter and of course LinkedIn.  Many of you might already follow/like us on these social networks, if not, then visit those sites and take part in the streams over there.  I will be honest, they are just starting up, so content is still being shared.

The blog site you are visiting now, will continue to grow content and will share our views on various streams.  Again, if you want to share or suggest articles, please use the comment sections below.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.  If you have any feedback, leave it on this site or contact us directly.

Again, to our new and existing customers “Welcome & Thanks”!

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Leaders on Our Level

The purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to give focus to social and environmental concerns in addition to economic goals.

CSR programs should encourage companies to balance the quest for financial profits and economic value with the pursuit of social good.  CSR is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the work force, their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

At HiberniaEvros we are fully aware of the interdependencies between Business and Society and we take full account of societal expectations and needs. We do not view CSR programmes as an extra cost or burden on management.  On the contrary, CSR is viewed, not only as making good business sense but also contributing to the long-term prosperity of our company and ultimately its survival.  Being a good neighbour and showing that you care on the one hand and being a successful business on the other, are sides of the same coin.

Area of Focus

Before embarking on our “Leaders on our Level” Initiative, we looked at where our efforts could have most benefit to our society.  We noted both national and international commentary on the perceived lack of leadership across all aspect of Irish Society. Over the past few years, many of the leading pillars of our society have been challenged to display proper and structured leadership and vision.  We also noted commentary on the emerging gap between the youth of Ireland and the “Leaders of Ireland’s society”.

More than ever today, teenagers are faced with very difficult choices and a variety of stimuli from their peers, books, online sites, social media forums and film.  The information and role models available to our youth is often highly dependent on their social background.

In order to bridge the perceived gap between our youth and leaders in society, HiberniaEvros have invested in and supported the development of the Leaders on our Level conference for Transition Year students.

The conference is set up not to preach to the participants about right and wrong; rather it is intended to help students understand their choices and provide a framework to understand long-term consequences to the actions and choices they take.

Objectives of Leaders on our Level

HiberniaEvros decided to focus our CSR efforts on the development of leadership thinking amongst Transition Year students.

The key objectives of the Leaders on our Level conference are.

  • To expose students at an early stage to the concepts of good leadership in business and in our community
  • To introduce students to positive role models across a variety of disciplines
  • To help bridge the social divide between students from different social backgrounds
  • Provide a fun based learning experience for students

Hibernia Evros believes that our Leaders on our Level initiative has made a very positive contribution to the most important element of our society, our youth and our future.  We also believe that the range and quality of the speakers at the event provides students with an opportunity to learn from the real life experiences of recognised leaders from very different walks of life.

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Finally delivered

Late 2010, HiberniaEvros and Desarrollo 360 came together to support local community – abroad.   Their attention was focused on an NGO in Costa Rica called CEPIA.

CEPIA provide the local community, in particular single women who had been abandoned by their husbands, with support, allowing the women in the area to work independently.

In order to help CEPIA with administering the records and details of the local activities, and to stay in touch with the World using the web, HiberniaEvros and Desarollo 360 have shipped a 24″ iMac to Costa Rica.  Mac are known for efficient use of space and simple to use interface, and it only requires one power connection.

Several months later, the computer has finally been delivered and they are delighted with it.  They have absolutely no problem finding a good use for it, and it will come in handy when preparing letters, activities, events and research.

Furthermore, we hope that this act of random kindness will inspire other companies to support communities within or outside their areas.  It doesn’t cost much and every little donation helps.

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Twitter in a nutshell

Have you or your company ever wondered why even bother using Twitter?

Let’s be honest.  Twitter can by itself not increase your revenue.  You still need your highly skilled and trained staff to provide customer service and close agreements.

However, Twitter can be used for creating awareness around your company and perhaps making contacts with decision makers and people looking for services/products.  It all depends how you approach and use Twitter.

Twitter recently released a couple of golden rules, which I’ve taken the liberty of re-writing slightly.  So, here are my reasons why you should engage and use Twitter.

Use it wisely – if you do create a Twitter account for your organisation, remember that all comments uttered by that profile has the potential to increase business awareness, but you could easily land in hot water too.  So, be cautious with what and to whom you reply.  It’s not a competition of how many people you reply to or how many tweets you send, but it’s the quality of your tweets.  You need to be seen/heard on Twitter, and this will in turn create an interest in your profile, i.e. organisation.

Gathering pace – your Twitter profile is probably up and running at this stage, and your are starring blindly at the Twitter traffic.  What’s next?  How do people find me?  Well, depending on what business you are in, you will have different interests.  It is these interests that you need to pursue, by following other companies, technologies, people, magazines, etc.  By following more individuals and groups, your Twitter stream will be come more and more busy.

Jump at it – now you have started to follow a long list of people and groups, then it’s time to interact with these by commenting on their blog posts or replying to their Tweets.  If your comments are valid and of interest, other Twitter users might start following you, thereby creating increased interest in your profile/organisation.

Hashtags Boulevard – this is getting a bit more advanced.  Using hashtags in your tweets is basically adding your tweet to a specific search.  You can create searches based on the hashtags and then ‘follow’ these searches.  E.g. your type a tweet about HP Storage and could easily add #greenIT #HP.  If a user, or you, have created automated searches in your Twitter tool of choice, then all tweets with those hashtags will appear.  NOW, this is where your Twitter administrator should start interacting.  The administrator sees a user asking a question or looking for information, and the administrator should jump on this to reply.

Which tools to use?  Well, that completely depends on your Twitter strategy – yes strategy – and how much you are planning to use Twitter.  Personally, I use TweetDeck, which works on both Mac and PC platforms, and that allows you to keep an eye on your searches and ‘friends’.

If you have questions on what your social media strategy should look like, why don’t you contact us?

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Do the right thing…

HiberniaEvros is always aiming to help the community and environment, and have been involved in numerous ‘green’ projects in recent years such as planting trees, implementing HP Blade technology and providing managed hosting services to reduce the carbon footprint for SME’s.

Mid 2010 Monica Medina, managing director of Desarollo 360, approached HiberniaEvros with the aim to discuss CSR (corporate social responsibilities).  For many organisations, CSR is only about saving the rain forest, reduce immersion or sign up to Greenpeace.  But, CSR is much more than that.

Desarollo 360 became involved with an NGO in Costa Rica called CEPIA, which seeks to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers from low-income families in the coastal communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Monica travelled to Costa Rica and saw first hand the support CEPIA provides for the local community, in particular single women who had been abandoned by their husbands, and they were now trying to make a living and provide for their kids.

Monica went on to write an extensive paper on how to empower women in Costa Rica.  Shortly after releasing the document, Monica was approached by the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla Miranda, who was very interested in Monica’s work and the research she had completed.

Desarollo 360 has stayed in touch with CEPIA, to follow their progress.  As CEPIA is a non-profit organisation all their money comes from the Costa Rican government and other donations.

Between HiberniaEvros and Desarollo 360, it was agreed to support CEPIA, despite the economic climate in Ireland.  In order to help CEPIA with administering the records and details of the local activities, and to stay in touch with the World using the web, HiberniaEvros and Desarollo 360 have shipped a 24″ iMac to Costa Rica.  Mac are known for efficient use of space and simple to use interface, and it only requires one power connection.

We hope the CEPIA will find the unit useful and that it will help them in the work.

Furthermore, we hope that this act of random kindness will inspire other companies to support communities within or outside their areas.  It doesn’t cost much and every little donation helps.

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