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Happy New Year

We wish you a safe and happy New Year, and wish you the best of luck in 2014.



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Have a Merry Christmas

To all of you from all of us, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, families, relatives, friends and pets.  We hope that you and your families will enjoy the time off.

We look forward talking to you soon again.


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Shop online with us

Based on feedback from a lot of our clients, we have finally launched our online shop.  The aim is not to replace the already strong relationship you have with our account management team, but it enables you to purchase equipment ad-hoc and efficiently – items that are outside your normal purchase pattern.

There has been several use cases presented to our account management team, as to when you could use the online shop.

  • You want to provide your staff with the ability to purchase personal equipment online.  These purchases are no longer processed through your already busy IT team.
  • Projects that are managed by your organization might need to buy IT equipment and these should not be processed by the organization.
  • You are looking for a quick once off purchase for the organization and don’t have time to contact your account manager
  • You want to browse what equipment might be available and at what cost, to prepare project or IT budget planning

If there’s equipment that you are looking for, but can’t find it on the online shop, then please contact us immediately so we can provide you with the pricing and/or add it to our online catalogue.

Please logon to our shop to see what we.  You can set-up an account easily and start shopping today: HiberniaEvros Online Catalogue

For larger purchase, I do recommend that you contact us directly, as we might be able to obtain bulk pricing discounts, quicker delivery or alternative options.

Dublin 01439 6803
Waterford 051 339900
Cork 021 4520044
Kildare 045 531262

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Bulgari – Consolidating services

– featured in THE SUNDAY BUSINESS POST, May 2012, by Leslie Faughnan

Bulgari, originally a jeweller founded in Rome in 1884, is today a 3,800 employee multinational with 195 shops in 24 countries. Regarded as one of the most up- market luxury brands in jewellery, it has extended into watches, leather goods, per- fume and hotels. In 2011 a controlling interest was acquired from the Bulgari family for €3.7 billion by LMVH, (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) a global leader in luxury goods.

Dublin’s Upper Mayor Street beside the IFSC has been home for over four years to Bulgari’s supply chain and logistics office, with more than 60 staff for its global operations. HiberniaEvros has been its local IT partner since the beginning and just over two years ago began a parallel relationship by taking over all of its print requirements in a managed print contract.

“A company-wide reorganisation saw responsibility for all kinds of printing move from our general services to the IT department,” said Edo Tami, the Dublin-based associate IT director of the group.  “We are quite heavy print users here, with all staff requiring smart print facilities. I was essentially the only IT professional based here and I was already stretched, as well as being out of the country frequently, so I looked immediately for a locally-managed solution.

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Recent Vacancies, May 2012

HiberniaEvros Technology Staffing Solutions are always interested in hearing from excellent candidates looking for contract or permanent positions.  This could be for both internal and external placings.

Here are our current open opportunities, for May 2012, so please review these carefully.  If you feel that you are the right candidate for one of these, please contact us straight away.  We receive many requests from our clients to locate high quality technical staff, so keep checking out site.

If you don’t see the right opportunity for you right now, then send in your CV today.  You never know when the perfect position is posted.

Microsoft SQL DBA, contract, Dublin

We immediately require an experienced Enterprise Microsoft SQL Database Administrator (DBA)

– contract role in Swords Dublin. SQL 2008, SQL CLuster, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Performance Tuning

Senior VMware / Citrix, Consultant, Dublin HiberniaEvros now have a requirement for a Senior VMware and Citrix Consultant. Based in Dublin
Cloud Engineer, Dublin HiberniaEvros currently has an excellent opportunity for an experienced Cloud Engineer

– extensive professional exposure to VMware vSphere, Blade  and Rack Servers, SAN & NFS storage and Networking and Security experience.

Senior Enterprise Engineer, Contract, Dublin

Senior Enterprise Engineer (VMware, Active Directory, SCCM, Windows Server), Contract, Dublin

Please check our website first, to make sure the position is still open.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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Client Review – Cork City Council

Cork City Council provides the full range of council services to the population and business of Cork City.  The Information Systems Department employs approximately 20 staff and supports more than 800 desktop systems in over 30 directly connected locations throughout the city.  It provides a stable secure server environment for the council and is responsible for implementing technology to assist in the efficient delivery of council services.

Client Requirement

As a result of a growth in storage requirements, Cork City Council wished to a centralised storage environment in which all servers make use of a single storage pool.  In order to meet developments within the Council and also position themselves to fully utilize latest available technologies, the prefered solution was for a very advanced Storage Area Network (SAN).

Solution Implemented

HiberniaEvros successfully implemented a HP EVA 4400 based SAN Solution. The solution was made up of the following components:

  • EVA4400 Array with 46 x 450FC drives and 22 x 1TB FATA Drives
  • 2 x 8GB 24 Port Brocade SAN Switches
  • MSL8096 with 2 x LTO4 FC Drives
  • HP Business Copy for Local Replication functionality
  • HP Command View EVA for EVA Management and HP Replication Solutions Manager local replication management

12 existing san attached servers had to be migrated into the new SAN infrastructure and reconfigured to boot from the EVA.

“The quality of the engineers, in the City Council’s opinion, in both their ability to carry out the installation and data migration, plus their ability to impart their knowledge of the EVA was excellent. Their attention to detail and level of knowledge made the entire project seem effortless.” – Pat Duggan, Systems Analyst, Cork City Council

Contact HiberniaEvros to see how we could support your organisation.

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Client Review – The Law Library

The Irish Bar aims to provide its clients with a high level of expertise in all areas of law and skilled advocacy by people of integrity and independence.  The Law Library provides a range of services to the approximately 2000 members of the Irish Bar including an extensive law library, a range of legal databases and various computer services.

Technology has played an increasingly important role in the provision of these services as the Law Library continues to meet the needs of its members regardless of specialisation, day of the year, time of the day or location.  The IT infrastructure utilises IBM technology virtualised to provide Disaster Recovery levels of resilience.

Services Provided

HiberniaEvros are responsible for providing a range of IT support and consultancy services to the 100 user head office, that help the Law Library maintain a high level of service to its members.  These areas cover:


  • Proactive service desk support to Law Library IT team; monitoring the tickets logged, trending and root cause analysis.
  • System Administrator level support for the virtualised IT Server and Core infrastructure; performance management of the environment, ensuring optimal uptime
  • Hardware / software life-cycle support; ensuring the hardware and software is fully up-to-date


Strategic advice on the Law Library’s overall IT Strategy; assisting with choosing the best technologies to support the business strategy

Advice and assistance on new and emerging technologies; in line with budget and business strategy, assisting the organisation in choosing the right products to meet their requirements.

HiberniaEvros furthermore assist The Law Library in IT product procurement and ensuring software licence compliance.  It’s essential that any organisation is in compliance with license agreements, as this could be a costly affair if using software without being licensed.

“HiberniaEvros have been a crucial element to the development and success of the Technology revolution in the Law library and its IT services to member users.
From being a sounding board for ideas to supply, implementation and post installation support HiberniaEvros have earned our trust and respect for a service that by comparison to others goes above and way beyond normal business practice.
I would recommend HiberniaEvros to anyone who wants the job done professionally and well but still retains the human touch.”  – Michael Lynch IT Manager

Contact HiberniaEvros to see how we could support your organisation.

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Welcome and Thanks

For launch of the HiberniaEvros’ Newsletter Initiative, Bob Murray (Managing Director of HiberniaEvros Technology Group) was asked to write a few words, outlining the views and opportunities that arises in the near future.  This initiative shows that the organisation is keen on keeping clients, new and old, included in what’s happening and how we can assist you in your upcoming challenges.  Bob explains this better, so go ahead, read the below letter from Bob.

The pleasure has fallen on me to pen a few words of welcome to the inaugural HiberniaEvros Technology Group newsletter. Although they may venture, I don’t believe the best sales person in the world could tell you about everything that’s happening in HiberniaEvros, least of all what the latest industry trends are from some of our partners such as HP, Microsoft, and VMware. So, we’ve hit on this newsletter idea to do just that.

I’d like to say that we’ve decided to do this newsletter due to requests from our clients, and that this is therefore your newsletter. But, I can’t, it’s our newsletter which has been brought about by a need; the need to provide you with another arm of service and support. We’ve put in considerable time and effort developing it in the hope that it will be a source of real value to everyone.

It will not be a sales pitch or just another social tool. In it you will see information that we hope will add benefit and real value to your business be it from within these walls or across the vast array of websites, lists, blogs and tweets across the world. From the outset it will continue to be a newsletter by us, for you.

Twenty years in this business has taught me that the most successful client relationships are the ones where clients regard us as a partner rather than a mere supplier. By partnering through this medium you will get a better understanding of what we and our partners are up to and we’ll get a better understanding of your requirements and steer our business in a direction that suits your needs.

We’re hoping that you will engage with us and communicate to us any areas or topics you would like to see and if all goes according to plan over time it will become your newsletter; detailing topics that are important to you in your everyday tasks.

For those of you who have worked with us in the past, thank you. For those of you that are new to HiberniaEvros, welcome. We look forward to partnering with you through 2012 and beyond.

Bob Murray

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A Genius Experience

During a recent trip to the US, I experienced some problems with my travel companion, aka iPad 2, and decided to visit the local Apple Store to test their hands-on knowledge.  It was an opportunity to see how the Apple corporation dealt with customers and whether it really is as hyped up as we hear in the news.

My perception of Apple is as follows.  Please note, this does not reflect my views of their products and is most likely a stereotype image of an Apple employee.  It all stems from the appearance of Mr. Jobs, who is the true visionary of  Apple.

Steve Jobs has always, to me at least, appeared as a very relaxed CEO with a very relaxed and simple sense of attire.  I have no objections to jeans and turtlekneck shirts, but sometimes it looks better to wear a suit – not necessarily a tie.

BUT, Apple is at the same time an organisation that strives on developing tools and applications that borders perfection.  You pay higher prices for their equipment primarily because of design.

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Client Review – Netwatch Systems

€250,000 Technology Upgrade for Netwatch Systems

HiberniaEvros has implemented a new IT infrastructure worth €250,000 for Netwatch Limited, the technology based asset protection company.

Netwatch is an award-winning provider of remote visual monitoring services worldwide and has pioneered some of the biggest advances in video transmission technology.

The company’s unique technology allows highly trained Intervention Specialists in the Netwatch Emergency Response Centre to watch in real-time any intrusion at a client premises and more importantly, speak directly to the intruders, clearing them from the site thus preventing theft and damage to property.

We moved to a new HQ recently and needed to implement a suitable IT system to meet the demands of a growing customer base,” commented Adrian Norton, General Manager, Netwatch Limited. “We needed a partner who had experience in delivering a project on time and on budget.

Following a tender process HiberniaEvros was selected to deliver a virtualization solution using shared storage.

Our professional services team carried out a capacity planning exercise using the VMWare capacity planning tool,” added John Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Director, HiberniaEvros. “The team then designed a solution based on Microsoft and HP technology.

The new IT infrastructure, which was implemented in three weeks, involved the deployment of virtualization, data replication, MSA 2012i storage, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft licensing. Hibernia Evros also provided training support.

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