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And the winners are

The final day had finally emerged, and the studio was full of nerves, sweat and anxious candidates.  John Kennedy was about to reveal who the two lucky candidates were.  The entire selection process had been running for the month of September, in conjunction with The People Group. The john Murray show provided the audience with live updates, on RTÉ Radio 1.

Situated in the studio, in front of the 4 finalists, John Kennedy broke the tension.

“We had over 200 applicants for the positions and I was blown away by the quality that is out there.  Because I specified that our focus was on getting people who understood the essence of sales – communication skills and inherent likeability – rather than specific IT industry experience, we saw a wide range of backgrounds and experiences represented by the applicants.  Our final four were all exceptionally strong candidates and I had a very difficult decision to make in selecting just two of them as there was very little to choose between them. I am confident that Una and Carl will be an excellent addition to our team and I am equally confident that Joe and Adam have an excellent future ahead of them – I am only sorry that I did not have positions available to offer them as well.”

“I would like to thank John Murray and his team for hosting us and for Colm Buckley from The People Group for doing a tremendous job helping us sort through the applications.”

Then John Kennedy announced the lucky winners.  The winners are …

…Una Mac Giolla Ri and Carl Gibney.  They will both join HiberniaEvros’ strong sales team.

Disappointed finalists Joe Walshe and Adam Ryan will continue to work with The People Group to develop their careers and maximise their potential.

Read about the entire process here.


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The HiberniaEvros Apprentice

Despite the recession, HiberniaEvros has seen growth in most areas of their business, and as a result were looking to expand the HiberniaEvros sales team.  Together with the People Group, HiberniaEvros started to work on the job description and developed a strategy for the hiring process.  John Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Director in HiberniaEvros, was not interested in just posting the job add in newspapers or recruitment sites.  It has to be a new and fresh approach.  After many long days and evenings, John finally emerged with the marketing campaign for this activity.

John decided to create an apprentice like process, where candidates could apply for the position, and a short list was select to participate in the apprentice show.

Next challenge was to determine who to partner with, to complete the hiring process.

HiberniaEvros and The People Group approached the The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1 to recruit two new salespeople.

Although IT Sales experience would be an advantage, applications from anyone with 1-2 years  field sales experience of selling to businesses were reviewed – regardless of the industry.

“Good sales skills are good sales skills regardless of industrywhich is why we are keen to speak to candidates from all industries. Once someone has the key sales skills, we can teach them the specific knowledge they need in the IT industry. We are excited about working with John Murray and the team as this will help us reach people who may not have previously considered a career in IT” – John Kennedy, HiberniaEvros

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