Quick look at Windows 8

The long anticipated release of Windows 8 happened, and the launch was done in true Microsoft style on 26th October in New York City, and is quoted by Mr. Ballmer as being “the best Windows release ever”.  It takes Windows to the next level in regards to user experiences as it is a brand new interface to the Windows platform.  For Windows Phone users, the ’tiles’ are now extended to the Windows OS, and have received a colour palette uplift – the earlier versions of the Windows Mobile OS was primarily blue.

Users who prefer to go back to the classic Windows OS mode can certainly chose to do so.  Not too sure what classic Windows means; for me classic means Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 look ‘n ‘feel, but that would likely be considered ancient by most.

One of the key questions repeatedly asked is, what will Windows 8 offer organisations and what is the upgrade path?

The latter is easy to answer, or at least I think so, as any new version of Windows should ideally be done as a fresh install.  Leaving any older Windows OS components on a new platform can cause some future technical challenges.  Old drivers interferes, older programs don’t work as smoothly or unforeseen errors starts to appear because some service is looking for a specific DLL.

Is Windows 8 is enterprise ready?

Windows 7 was viewed by many as what Vista should’ve been and it’s therefore seen more as a performance enhancing release.  Because of the work required to perhaps migrate users from e.g. Vista to Win7 and the time ‘n money needed to support such a project, a lot of organisations decided to delay or skip the upgrade of their OS platform.  With Windows 8 Pro being released, this would be a very good time for organisations to evaluate Windows 8 and start forming your Windows 8 Enterprise deployment plans with us.

Windows 8 will certainly provide you with a notable user experience improvement, but it will provide your IT department with an enterprise level solution for enhancing services and possibilities in regards to mobile productivity, end-to-end security, virtualisation and a much richer integration with mobile devices.

Key business benefits and features released with Windows:

  • Windows on the go – Provision Windows To Go, a fully managed corporate Windows 8 desktop on an external USB Drive that a user can boot from any PC available at work, at home, or just about any location, with or without connectivity. It’s like having your secure corporate PC in your pocket.
  • Working from anywhere – Enhancements with DirectAccess, Branch Cache and Mobile Broadband eliminate work boundaries while keeping employees secure.
  • Security –The end-to-end security in Windows 8 is driving a significant level of interest with many of you planning to take advantage of features like Trusted Boot, BitLocker Drive Encryption and AppLocker, enabling a more secure foundation no matter where employees are located.
  • Business apps – Microsoft are really driving the development of apps for Windows 8 for both internal usage (line of business) as well as the opportunity for organizations to create new innovative experiences for their customers. Windows 8 is a great platform for enterprise developers and we expect a lot of innovative enterprise apps to come.

With the release of the Windows Slate, utilizing Windows 8 OS, your mobile workforce becomes truly mobile. Windows 8 products and tablet range are going to change the way in which we work.  Contact HiberniaEvros your account manager directly and we’ll be happy to discuss your Windows 8 plans with you, and we could even show you our proof of concept or small pilot for Windows 8, so you can experience its real business benefits.

Dublin 01439 6803 salesdub@hetg.ie
Waterford 051 339900 saleswat@hetg.ie
Cork 021 4520044 salescork@hetg.ie
Kildare 045 531262 saleskil@hetg.ie

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