Cloud Capital Forum

This year’s Cloud Capital Forum kicked off last Friday 23 November and took place at the Convention Centre, Dublin.  It was three hours spent with some of Ireland’s digital leaders on cloud computing, cover many aspects of cloud as well as big data and green IT.

Both business and political decision makers attended the event and a common view was that the cloud presents great opportunities for turning the Irish economy around.  In fact, many believe that Ireland has the opportunity to position itself as a cloud centre of excellence; a shining light for Europe and key link to the US and China.

The keynote speakers covered many views and possibilities of the Cloud evolution.  Although the cloud has been around for a number of years, in different shapes and with various names, this is still a new era and it’s not the usual companies that are leading the race.  The competition is fierce and one could compare this with war; new companies coming online, increased rates of efficiency and ability to service a global audience à improved growth circle.

On the panel for Cloud Capital Forum was Digital Planet’s own Brian Larkin.  He spear headed the creation of Digital Planet’s cloud business, as part of the HiberniaEvros Technology Group, and has spent the past 15 years working in the IT industry.

Digital Planet continues to work with clients, new and existing, on developing their cloud strategy, ensuring that the cloud solutions offered will meet these requirements.

In the attached video, Brian Larkin explains why companies should consider moving to the cloud platform

Did you attend the Cloud Capital Forum?

What were the important take-aways for you?

If you would like to talk cloud strategy, then please contact us directly so we can set-up a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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