Protecting Your Digital Identity

Digital or Online Identity applies to everybody, once you navigate and use the Internet.  It’s basically data that uniquely describes an individual or entity (e.g. company) and this data holds information such as relationships, services, images, resumes, client details, etc.  All that information is very useful for the people who need to access this in order to conduct business or communicate with you, but once this gets into the wrong hands it can cause severe problems.  Whether you are reading this as a company or individual, navigating on the internet needs to done with caution and there are some basic guide lines that should be considered.   It might be common sense, but unfortunately not all Internet users consider this when surfing the cyber waves.

There are people who thrive on hacking into systems for various reasons, but many times they don’t consider the impact this might have on the individual or the business.  At the same time, these hackers often “break” into system because they can and because the systems that penetrate weaker security measures implemented.  Some hackers may even conducts these attacks simply because they like a username in Twitter, as Mat Honan found out the hard way.

Mat was “attacked” primarily because someone liked his Twitter username.  The scary thing for Mat, and the reader of his article, is that Amazon and Apple provided the hacker with enough information to take over Mat’s digital identity.  Not permanently, but enough time to take down all his main accounts, iPhone and Mac.  Yes, Mat acknowledges that he should’ve backed up his computer more frequently and enable additional security on his email accounts.  At the same time, he’s disappointed with Apple and Amazon for proving too easy access to his information.

As previous posts have alluded to, security awareness on how to engage with the Internet and guidelines for protecting your Digital Identity are essential to all users; individuals as well as companies.

Individuals are probably at the mercy of their internet providers, as well as their cloud providers, but we can still be more cautious about our Internet behaviours; change your password regularly, make sure you don’t use web sites that are not SSL enabled, set-up security questions (and remember these) and back-up your systems often.  I would certainly dread having to tell my wife that we have lost all our images, music files etc., just because we didn’t back these up.  Then again, I’ve been backing up our computer for years just because of that 🙂

Companies on the other hand have to consider their Internet security from multiple angles.  They have traffic to/from their website, 100s or 1000s of emails coming and going, interaction with clients over the phone, using social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (and blog sites) and then you of course have all the mobile users.

There are plenty of tools available to organisations to combat some of these challenges.  It’s just a matter of selecting the best and most cost-effective tool.  Through HiberniaEvros’ technology partner network, we can certainly assist you with identifying the most suitable tool for your organisation, which meets your requirements of course.

One of the challenges that companies may face is how they manage, and perhaps even control, email and Internet traffic using smart phones and tablets.  HiberniaEvros recently entered into a partnership with Zenprise, which allows companies to deploy an affordable MDM solution.

In short, The Zenprise MDM solution is a device management platform that allows the administrator to manage the various devices deployed and that access corporate information.  The capabilities of the platform allows IT organisations to manage the devices; device provisioning, lock ‘n wipe, enforce security policies and application deployment.  Furthermore, the Zenprise solution supports all major platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.  It’s an enterprise end-to-end solution, assisting IT organisations to manage and safeguard access to corporate data.

Contact us to talk directly to talk to one of our specialists.  Alternatively, we can set-up a presentation of the Zenprise products.

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Kildare 045 531262

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