Designed with you in mind

IT should be designed to make business easier – not more difficult. Over-worked staff, inadequate procedures, and failure to deploy technology to its best advantage stifle the agility of your business. Whatever the cause of your IT issues, 360 can help. These damaging issues will most likely sound familiar to you;

  • You have Infrastructure reliability Issues.
  • You need out of hours support but do not have the staff
  • You have an issues list that is only getting longer.
  • Internal SLAs are regularly not met.
  • You experience downtime that costs your business money.
  • End users are getting increasingly frustrated with support related issues.
  • You have difficulty getting projects started due to lack of resources or time.
  • Your environment is being managed reactively and not proactively.
  • A lack of technology skill sets to support your environment?
  • The need to talk to a Technology Specialist

HiberniaEvros is an IT Managed Services specialist providing a complete range of outsourcing, support and data centre services.

The HiberniaEvros Managed Services Division offers a range of services that keep your mission critical ICT infrastructures operating. 360 is our flagship service designed to deliver exactly the services you need.

To find out more, email, call 1890 911 211 or contact your nearest HiberniaEvros office

Dublin 01439 6803
Waterford 051 339900
Cork 021 4520044
Kildare 045 531262

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