Bulgari – Consolidating services

– featured in THE SUNDAY BUSINESS POST, May 2012, by Leslie Faughnan

Bulgari, originally a jeweller founded in Rome in 1884, is today a 3,800 employee multinational with 195 shops in 24 countries. Regarded as one of the most up- market luxury brands in jewellery, it has extended into watches, leather goods, per- fume and hotels. In 2011 a controlling interest was acquired from the Bulgari family for €3.7 billion by LMVH, (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) a global leader in luxury goods.

Dublin’s Upper Mayor Street beside the IFSC has been home for over four years to Bulgari’s supply chain and logistics office, with more than 60 staff for its global operations. HiberniaEvros has been its local IT partner since the beginning and just over two years ago began a parallel relationship by taking over all of its print requirements in a managed print contract.

“A company-wide reorganisation saw responsibility for all kinds of printing move from our general services to the IT department,” said Edo Tami, the Dublin-based associate IT director of the group.  “We are quite heavy print users here, with all staff requiring smart print facilities. I was essentially the only IT professional based here and I was already stretched, as well as being out of the country frequently, so I looked immediately for a locally-managed solution.

“Since HiberniaEvros were already our trusted IT partners across areas like workstations and servers, of course I turned to them and their proven managed print service,” Tami said. After a detailed audit of the print requirements and activity of the Bulgari Dublin office, a managed print contract was agreed that would deliver a total solution that would keep the overall costs level or better for the duration of the contract.

Consolidation was the first step, said Tami, with 32 devices from copiers to desk top printers replaced by six Xerox multifunction devices. “Three of these on each floor is, in fact, quite generous for our users, but ensures that every- one has their functionality within easy reach. If one device is out of commission – admittedly a rare occasion – a job can simply be collected from any other printer. Another important ease-of-use facility is that accessing your print job uses the same security fob device and identity card that we all use for door entry.”

That system ensures users collect their print jobs personally, which are purged from the system if not collected within a certain time period. That security feature appeals to HR and other departments while from Tami’s point of view it eliminates waste and unnecessary printing.

Bulgari Dublin has print volumes ranging from about 50,000 to 100,000 pages per month, principally in black. “We set mono and duplex printing as the default on the new devices, which has certainly saved paper volume compared to the past,” Tami said. “There was a once-off cost in getting rid of the previous fleet of assorted printers and contracts. So in year one of our managed print we shaved just under 5 per cent off our previous cost levels. But the second year showed a reduction of just under 20 per cent and we are seeing that general level maintained.”

Speak to one of our managed print service consultants, by contacting us on 01 439 6869 or mps@hetg.ie


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