Cherrywood Hunger Games

A few days ago, Cherrywood was host to the first of hopefully many charity events, where HiberniaEvros and Welocalize came face-to-face in a bake-off.

The aim – Raise much-needed funds for Focus Ireland.

The event was a huge success and HiberniaEvros increase their collection with over €500, etching closer to the overall target of €3,800.  We are getting there, but still some way to go.

Currently, we have raised 61.71% of our goal, but to meet the target we need your help.

The winners of the Cherrywood Hunger Games were:

1st Place – David Cody

2nd Place – Eileen Shinners

3rd Place – Caroline Godsil

This was just one part of the overall fundraising efforts of Louise, Sharon, Hugh, Eileen and David who are currently training to partake in the Four Peaks Challenge in June.  If you would like to help us in our efforts you can do so by following the link below.


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