Working with HiberniaEvros

HiberniaEvros has built up an unparalleled reputation by offering the highest standards of service available in Ireland today.  This has been rewarded by winning awards and nominations in recent months, which clearly shows that we mean business and that we provide quality service to our client.

The formular is simple and hasn’t changed since starting the company.  We keep true to our core values in everything we do;

Being Technically Excellent 

  • We have some of the most technically accomplished and experienced working in Ireland today
  • We search out the best technologies available and form partnerships to deliver the highest standards
  • We supply technology that delivers real benefits to our customers
  • Our staff achieve the highest levels of technical accreditation in the products we implement and support

We’re Easy to Deal With

  • We won’t waste your time with unnecessary red tape
  • We are friendly and approachable –  just ask!
  • We keep you in the loop not in the dark
  • We want to be part of YOUR team – working together
  • We work on the problems with you, to find a solution

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