Client Review – The Law Library

The Irish Bar aims to provide its clients with a high level of expertise in all areas of law and skilled advocacy by people of integrity and independence.  The Law Library provides a range of services to the approximately 2000 members of the Irish Bar including an extensive law library, a range of legal databases and various computer services.

Technology has played an increasingly important role in the provision of these services as the Law Library continues to meet the needs of its members regardless of specialisation, day of the year, time of the day or location.  The IT infrastructure utilises IBM technology virtualised to provide Disaster Recovery levels of resilience.

Services Provided

HiberniaEvros are responsible for providing a range of IT support and consultancy services to the 100 user head office, that help the Law Library maintain a high level of service to its members.  These areas cover:


  • Proactive service desk support to Law Library IT team; monitoring the tickets logged, trending and root cause analysis.
  • System Administrator level support for the virtualised IT Server and Core infrastructure; performance management of the environment, ensuring optimal uptime
  • Hardware / software life-cycle support; ensuring the hardware and software is fully up-to-date


Strategic advice on the Law Library’s overall IT Strategy; assisting with choosing the best technologies to support the business strategy

Advice and assistance on new and emerging technologies; in line with budget and business strategy, assisting the organisation in choosing the right products to meet their requirements.

HiberniaEvros furthermore assist The Law Library in IT product procurement and ensuring software licence compliance.  It’s essential that any organisation is in compliance with license agreements, as this could be a costly affair if using software without being licensed.

“HiberniaEvros have been a crucial element to the development and success of the Technology revolution in the Law library and its IT services to member users.
From being a sounding board for ideas to supply, implementation and post installation support HiberniaEvros have earned our trust and respect for a service that by comparison to others goes above and way beyond normal business practice.
I would recommend HiberniaEvros to anyone who wants the job done professionally and well but still retains the human touch.”  – Michael Lynch IT Manager

Contact HiberniaEvros to see how we could support your organisation.


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