IT Staffing Challenge to Grow in 2012

HiberniaEvros Staffing Services

What a year 2011 was for HiberniaEvros Staffing, adding over 150 contractors to our team in just 12 months with placements all over Ireland, England. And in the final quarter engineers were even deployed in Italy, Spain and France. A big thank you to our back office team who worked exceptionally hard to ensure that our customers got the skill sets they wanted and more importantly got them when they were needed.

So what does the resourcing team consist of; internal sales, support members and of course our associates.  Our key objective is to match both technical and cultural skill sets to our customers’ requirements to ensure a positive and productive engagement for both parties. We are under no illusion that there were a number of pressure points in 2011 and can expect to see a repeat of these in 2012.

The challenge lies in the supply of experienced technical candidates.  Although contract rates remained relatively stable we foresee an increase in 2012 as the demand for certain roles outweighs supply. There is a common thought process in the market that with the current level of unemployment that finding candidates should be easier, in fact the opposite is true.  We are experiencing a two-speed economy in the Irish marketplace where demand for IT, Science & Engineering and Finance roles are exceptionally high.

HiberniaEvros Staffing is looking forward to the challenges of 2012. With our new software coupled with our experienced team we aim to bring positive and productive changes to both front end interviewing and time sheet management processes into the future.

Caroline Godsil


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