Meet our consultancy service

Within HiberniaEvros we have a team of highly experienced consultants who combine their in-depth technical knowledge and experience with an understanding of the needs of modern business.  More importantly, they understand how to translate business requirements into solutions.

The service provides expertise across our extensive range of  partner technologies and, where appropriate, and consultants keep themselves up-to-date with new technologies, troubleshooting techniques and are trained + certified in supported technologies.

It’s important to note that HiberniaEvros uses this team to design and review internal projects too, so the service is tested and adjusted by our own organisation.

Furthermore, the team works closely with their colleagues across the organisation, so our customers can benefit from a high quality and technically excellent service.

In addition, they act as trusted and impartial technical advisors to a wide range of customers throughout Ireland, helping to ensure that they benefit from the leading technologies available today.

All technical engagements are treated as stand-alone projects.  We employ a pragmatic Prince 2-based approach to project management that preserves the best control and communications aspects of the methodology.  However, we take care to ensure that our use of Prince 2 is proportionate with the length of the engagement to avoid overburdening the project with excessive documentation and checkpoints.

Our extensive range of technology consulting services include:

ICT Strategy Development

Our experts are experienced in assisting customers in developing and delivering their IT strategies that are designed to align technology investment with clear business objectives.  We work with the customer to develop strategies that are realistic and achievable and clearly mapped to ensure that all projects within the strategy realise real business value.  The solutions discussed and agreed will meet the budget requirements.

We bring a vendor neutral approach to the engagement so you can be sure that we will help you develop the most appropriate strategy for you with a clearly outlined technology roadmap, thus avoiding potentially costly technology dead ends.

Technology Advisory Services

Our technology advisory services include an Infrastructure Review to validate your entire infrastructure against your business requirements, specific Technology Validation to help resolve any specific technical issues you may have and Tender and Procurement Advisory Services to help you make the right purchasing decisions.

Data Centre Technical Services

Our services include full supply, design, installation, configuration and support of data centre solutions.  HiberniaEvros provides full end-to-end data centre solution delivery to customers wishing to build out “green-field” IT solutions to meet their business objectives.

Our partnerships with leading Data Centre providers ensures we offer our customers access to some of the most state of the art hosting facilities available in Ireland today.

We also work with customers who need to migrate existing data and services from existing environments to new hosted environments – providing full migration services.

High Availability Solutions

Hibernia provides advice, design and implementation of business critical High availability environments based on end-to-end point of failure reduction design. No solution can ever been proven to deliver 100% availability and our HA design and delivery methodology is to provide customers with honest views on solution weaknesses and risk
mitigation strategies that will realise maximum uptime achievable within realistic budgets.


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