Who’s at the helm now?

To be honest, I rarely get emotionally involved when celebrities pass away.  It’s sad to hear the news and I feel sorry for their families, but I do not get emotional.

Why would I?  I don’t know these individuals personally and I have only seen their performance on a stage or silver screen – which is probably not even their real personality.

But for some reason, when this message appeared on my iPhone, and shortly after on my iPad, it was like being told someone close to you had passed away.  I know it sounds very strange, given that Steve Jobs has never heard of me and I have never met him.

However, I admired Steve Jobs for what he accomplished within Apple and outside Apple.  You could probably say that he is my John Lennon.

When you then see the outpour of support and grief throughout the World, as the news circled the Globe, one can only begin to understand how many people he touched.  Wonderful pictures of people showing their sadness, almost brought tears to my eyes, all very personal and filled with sorrow.

Here’s a man who through his company developed so many amazing and utterly wonderful creations.  He changed the way we use music, the way we use phones, the way we can access information anywhere.  He introduced simple and yet powerful software and not to forget truly beautiful designs.

He did not only raise the bar for the technology – he was raising the game beyond the grasp of the competition.  The competitors could only copy what he created and rarely come close to what his products delivered.

He inspired young and old people around the World, by showing them that anything is possible if you dare to chase your dream.

Just imagine, a world without Toy Story?  Yes, Pixar was one of his ventures and NeXT paved the way for Mac OS as we know it today.  Even the first Mac introduced had the first pointing device, making sure users no longer had to rely on command line control.

The big question still lingering in my head is, how will Apple Corp progress without their talisman?

I’m certain Mr. Cook will be a great CEO, but does he have the same tenacious and involved approach as Steve Jobs.  I know Mr. Cook’s presentation of the iPhone 4s was a bit subdued, but now we know why.  As a close friend of Mr Jobs, he was probably aware of the state of his health, and it must have been difficult to launch something new, knowing that your friend was fighting a tough battle.

That said, will Apple continue to develop and release groundbreaking products / technologies, or will they just release updated versions of current products.  Only time will tell.

It is with sadness in my heart that I bid you farewell Steve.  I hope your family stays strong and understands that they have the support of millions around the Globe.


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