Cloud Terminology 101

Are you just as confused as I am, when it comes to understanding the cloud lingo?

Well, the cloud nerds in HiberniaEvros have developed a quick little guide, which might just make it a little easier to understand.


Infrastructure as a service, is a cloud infrastructure service.  A virtualised environment is delivered as a service over the Internet by the provider.  The infrastructure can include servers, storage, network equipment, and software.  You normally pay for what you need or use.


Software as a service, is a cloud application service.  Applications are delivered over the Internet by the provider, so that the applications don’t have to be purchased, installed, and run on the customer’s computers.  SaaS providers were previously referred to as ASP (application service providers).  Please note, it may be somewhat limiting as to how much you can customise a Saas application.


Platform as a service is a cloud platform service.  The computing platform (operating system and associated services) is delivered as a service over the Internet by the provider.  In short, it’s a virtualised desktop sitting in the cloud.

Private Cloud

Infrastructure is dedicated to the client with no multi-tenancy elements. Dedicated Servers, firewalls, networks and secure.  But, it’s also a very expensive solution.

Managed Cloud

All infrastructure is maintained, monitored and alerted by the Cloud Provider, i.e. a Virtual IT Support Team.  It can exist on dedicated infrastructure or a multi-tenancy environment.

Public Cloud

Services offered over the public Internet and available to anyone who wants to purchase the service.  Standard products with no customisation.

DR Cloud

Specific term to Digital Planet.  Live dedicated or stand-by Infrastructure intended to provide companies with a DR solution, using it a hot swappable in case of outages.

Cloud Storage

A service that allows customers to save data by transferring it over the Internet or another network to an offsite storage system maintained by a third party.

Cloud Sourcing

Replacing traditional IT services with cloud services.


Software that enables creating, deploying, running, or managing applications in the cloud.

Customer Self-service

A feature that allows customers to provision, manage, and terminate services themselves, without involving the service provider, via a Web interface or programmatic calls to service APIs.


Please contact us if you want to meet up for a cloud discussion.  Our team would be only too happy to clarify the cloud phenomenon further, and hopefully assist you choosing a solution that fits your requirements.  Fill in the online form and we will contact you directly.  You can call us on 1890 998 000 and we will be delighted to talk with you.  Alternatively, you can mail us at or click the cloud below.


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