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I know it sounds strange, but despite the amount of highly qualified and technical people who have been let go in recent years, many companies are finding it difficult to find the right resources for either permanent or contract staff.  The unfortunate fact is that many of these individuals have been forced to leave the green shores of Ireland, to seek fortunes abroad.  They are not able to find jobs in Ireland, to support their families.

However, there are many success stories in the Irish business news as well.  Global organisations are setting up their EU headquarter in Ireland, large tech companies have already invested heavily in Ireland and our tourism is starting to pick up again with an increased numbers of visitors.  Why is Ireland so attractive for companies?  The answer is simple, we have highly skilled staff to avail of – despite people leaving Ireland.

HiberniaEvros have in recent years been approached by a large number of companies, asking to hire staff on contract basis.  Initially we used our own staff to fill these opportunities, but have also acted as middle-man to facilitate the client’s needs and to find the appropriate candidate.  The good news is, a large amount of these candidates have ended up as either long-term contracts or permanent staff with the client.

This interest has resulted in HiberniaEvros starting up the ‘Working With Us’ section, which in short assists you and our clients with finding staff.  Not just any kind of staff, but staff that meets your requirements, and staff that are technical strong.  Finding highly skilled staff ensures that you and your organisation gets the best staff and can continue providing a high level of service to your clients.

The HiberniaEvros Technical Staffing Services are specialists in IT services, and based on HiberniaEvros’ extensive knowledge in the market through years of experience, we are able to provide a range of specialist technical recruitment services that offer new levels of quality and service to both employers and employees.  We source technical staff for both temporary and long-term placements.

An area where we have seen a huge interest, and growth, is out outsourced helpdesk solution.  Many organisations support the same hardware and software, and by outsourcing the helpdesk companies may be able to utilise these resources elsewhere.  HiberniaEvros can, with our highly trained team of analysts, provide a centralised helpdesk that supports your organisation.

We analyse all the tickets that are logged and are able to identify possible issues, and fix these before they interfere or disrupt your business.  By assigning this function to HiberniaEvros, you can spend your time focussing on managing the environment and business expectations.  Again, you free up time to focus on your clients.

We offer a range of Outsourced helpdesk helpdesk pyramidservices that make it easy for you to quickly benefit from the increased levels of service, efficiency and user satisfaction that are associated with the operation of a helpdesk to industry best practice standards.

Our range of services means that you can now avail of the highest levels of service, regardless of the size of your organisation. Professionally managed helpdesk services are no longer confined to larger organisations.

What’s even better, we can work with you on site, remotely or in a shared arrangement.  To read more about our helpdesk services, click here.

So, if you are looking for staff, for a job or to review resource requirements, then come and talk to us.  I’m sure we can find a solution that meets your needs.


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