€1.6 million injected into the cloud

There has been a lot of hype around the cloud in the last 12 months, and the cloud is gaining increased momentum every day.

Ireland is looking to establish itself as the cloud hub of Europe and has in recent weeks announced that cloud technology will become part of the curriculum in various degrees.  This shows the commitment by Ireland to making Ireland a cloud technology centre.

HiberniaEvros has long talked about the cloud and to underpin this, HiberniaEvros has in recent months invested €1.6 million in a new cloud computing division.  Digital Planet, the new venture, will create 50 jobs over the next three years, supporting clients across the Island.  This is a brave new service and one that will increase HiberniaEvros’ presence in the Irish market.

Digital Planet will provide a so-called “computing on demand” to companies that want to outsource their IT infrastructure, and its day-to-day management, to an external provider.”

Describing the new offering as “Infrastructure-as-a-Service”, Brian Larkin, Operations Director at HiberniaEvros said: “There is no reason why IT infrastructure should not be as easy and cost-effective to use as electricity or water with the flick of a switch or tap.  The technologies and environment are now available to make this happen.

HiberniaEvros is very excited about this new service and invites clients to contact us to learn more about this.


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