Clear thinking about the cloud

The Commercial profile for Digtal Planet has just been released.  To read the full article, click on the article (image) below.

For a long period of time, the Cloud has been this mystical creature and phenomenon that everybody talks about.  There’s no question that the Cloud is the way forward, but it is important to understand the technology and how it can change your organisation – without huge costs.

Brian Larkin, Operations Dierctor at Digital Planet, was interviewed for this article, where he clearly outlines the objectives of Digital Planet.

In short, and as the articles states, Digital Planet is offering its clients and customers a varied and advanced cloud offering.  Digital Planet has four main solutions; a managed cloud, a private cloud, a disaster recovery (DR) cloud and a public cloud.

These four versions of the cloud have been developed as a result of HiberniaEvros’ two decades of experience in building, maintaining and supporting IT environments.  It has invested in the technology, highly-qualified engineers and the top accreditations from all the major hardware and software vendors.  The only difference is that it is now offering these facilities from a Tier 4 datacentre.

Digital Planet is aiming to help you decide on the best strategy for your Cloud solution.

Please visit us on for more information or contact us on 1890 998 000.  Alternatively, send us an email on


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