Leaders on Our Level

The purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to give focus to social and environmental concerns in addition to economic goals.

CSR programs should encourage companies to balance the quest for financial profits and economic value with the pursuit of social good.  CSR is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the work force, their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

At HiberniaEvros we are fully aware of the interdependencies between Business and Society and we take full account of societal expectations and needs. We do not view CSR programmes as an extra cost or burden on management.  On the contrary, CSR is viewed, not only as making good business sense but also contributing to the long-term prosperity of our company and ultimately its survival.  Being a good neighbour and showing that you care on the one hand and being a successful business on the other, are sides of the same coin.

Area of Focus

Before embarking on our “Leaders on our Level” Initiative, we looked at where our efforts could have most benefit to our society.  We noted both national and international commentary on the perceived lack of leadership across all aspect of Irish Society. Over the past few years, many of the leading pillars of our society have been challenged to display proper and structured leadership and vision.  We also noted commentary on the emerging gap between the youth of Ireland and the “Leaders of Ireland’s society”.

More than ever today, teenagers are faced with very difficult choices and a variety of stimuli from their peers, books, online sites, social media forums and film.  The information and role models available to our youth is often highly dependent on their social background.

In order to bridge the perceived gap between our youth and leaders in society, HiberniaEvros have invested in and supported the development of the Leaders on our Level conference for Transition Year students.

The conference is set up not to preach to the participants about right and wrong; rather it is intended to help students understand their choices and provide a framework to understand long-term consequences to the actions and choices they take.

Objectives of Leaders on our Level

HiberniaEvros decided to focus our CSR efforts on the development of leadership thinking amongst Transition Year students.

The key objectives of the Leaders on our Level conference are.

  • To expose students at an early stage to the concepts of good leadership in business and in our community
  • To introduce students to positive role models across a variety of disciplines
  • To help bridge the social divide between students from different social backgrounds
  • Provide a fun based learning experience for students

Hibernia Evros believes that our Leaders on our Level initiative has made a very positive contribution to the most important element of our society, our youth and our future.  We also believe that the range and quality of the speakers at the event provides students with an opportunity to learn from the real life experiences of recognised leaders from very different walks of life.


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