HiberniaEvros receives ICT award

The HiberniaEvros Technology Group is very proud to announce that we won an award at this year’s ICT Excellence Awards 2011.  The ICT Excellence Awards, which took take place on the 19th May, showcase the very best from the ICT Industry in Ireland, highlighting how innovative, creative and robust the industry is.

For the past 10 years, ICT has been awarding the ICT Excellence Awards to companies from the ICT Industry in Ireland.  In order to participate in the annual nomination, companies have to submit an application form, outlining why they should be considered for an award.

The ICT Excellence Awards have for some time now demonstrated just how many innovative and creative companies exist in the Irish market.  They have set the benchmark for people to demonstrate skill and diversity“, Eoin O’Driscoll, Managing Director, Aderra

The ICT Excellence Awards are divided into two main category groups; Projects and Business Awards, with the Business Awards divided into a further 12 categories, each focusing on the strong attributes and skills required to be considered for the award.

HiberniaEvros was shortlisted for the Corporate, Social and Environmental Initiative of the Year.  This award is presented to a company who demonstrated an outstanding recognition of the technology industry’s responsibility to environmental best practice.

The list of shortlisted candidates was amazing, and consisted of EMC, Intel and Microsoft – very strong competition indeed for this prestigious award.  Each of these organisations are known for having excellent CSR initiatives and have shown year-on-year that they are committed to supporting their local communities.

So, it was a very proud moment when the name of HiberniaEvros was announced at the ceremony, and this recognises HiberniaEvros’ positive contribution to our local environment.

The initiative that secured us the victory was our “Leaders on our Level” conference, which took place in Croke park earlier this year.  The aim of the conference was to teach Transition Year students about leadership, help them understand their choices and provide a framework to understand long-term consequences to the actions and choices they take.

HiberniaEvros will continue to work on such initiatives as it both inspires and encourages our young people.  The future can be bright, if you build a proper framework for the future.


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