Cloud vs Virtualising

In the midst of the recession, companies are still trying to reduce operating costs and are looking at alternative methods of running their organisation’s infrastructure.  The big buzz words for such initiatives are cloud and virtualisation.

All the big providers are providing solutions to run virtualised systems and cloud offerings, such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.  Many of these provides have solutions that require some level of investment and hardware to be installed, whereas other vendors have real cloud offerings in place where no hardware is required.  The main decision to be made is whether you want to make a hardware/software investment or simply move some of your services into a hosted (cloud) based solution.

Where will it be this and next year?

It’s difficult to say, but cloud offerings are on the increase, and most services (hardware and software) are available as cloud systems.  Gartner states that 60% of all computers will, in the next 12 months, run some level of virtualisation, whether that being a PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (software as a Service).  Either way, cloud and virtualisation is moving forward, almost hand-in-hand.

But, what is cloud computing?

The answer is fairly straight forward.  It is an alternative method of accessing and using your computing requirements, whether these are desktop or back-office requirements.  It’s important to understand, the technology is not new, it has just gotten more attractive to clients, especially with the ever-growing mobilisation and consumerization of end-user computing.

At HiberniaEvros, we believe the future of Cloud computing is virtualising the computer, designing the applications and allowing users to use personal computers.  This is where our strength lies; talking to and discussing your cloud requirements, ensuring that we design the architecture that delivers the best results for your company.

To support this, HiberniaEvros has signed a long-term agreement with European Datacentre provider Interxion to locate our IaaS Cloud Platform Solution, Digital Planet, in their Dublin Datacentre.  This agreement was done between Tanya Duncan, Managing Director at Interxion Ireland and Brian Larkin, Operations Director at HiberniaEvros.

Call us on 1890 998 000 and our cloud consultants will be only too delighted to talk with you about your requirements.  Alternatively, you can mail us at


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