Bio – Tony Redmond

Tony Redmond has been involved with Microsoft Exchange Servers, since the dawn of this new technology.  Back in 1993, Exchange had a mere 500 users, but within 3 years, this had grown to 32000.

As Tony Redmond has been writing about electronic mail since 1992, this makes him a leading expert within the Microsoft collaboration technology, with his primary focus on Microsoft Exchange Server.  He has spent many years with leading blue-chip companies, such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and HP, and retired in early 2010 from HP, after spending ten years as a Vice President.  Before his VP role in HP, he took up the helm as CTO for HP Services, which again cements his role as a specialist.

Because of his personal interest and involvement with Microsoft Exchange, he started to write books about his experiences, based on the lessons learned through working with major customers to deploy the Microsoft technology.  To be fair, they cover both successful and not so successful lessons learned.  The aim is to understand what the technology can do and how best to deploy it to meet business goals.

Tony’s latest book “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Inside Out”  was published by Microsoft Press in December 2010.  That means that they (Microsoft) sees him as a leading specialist within this field, and shows how fortunate HiberniaEvros is to have him working with them on special projects.

Furthermore,Tony Redmond is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro, Microsoft MVP, and has his own blog, which covers Exchange (obviously,), but also vacationing in France, life as a rugby referee and more fascinating stories –

Tony works with HiberniaEvros on a consultancy basis, and is primarily used for Exchange related projects.  This allows HiberniaEvros to draw on his expertise in analysing and designing Exchange infrastructures for clients, ensuring that their infrastructure is optimised for Exchange.



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