Are you getting one?

iPad 2. Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery. Coming March 25.

Steve Jobs did surprise comeback yesterday, for his keynote, and for the release of the much anticipated iPad 2.  Mr. Jobs is meant to be out on medical leave, but I guess his personal attachment to the iPad was too much for him to leave for another guy to present.

The media have been talking about the iPad 2 for months now, so the majority of features and designs were not really a surprise.  It is worth noting that the iPad will have some enhancements, which probably will impress even the most hardcore Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom supporter.  It will be interesting to see if RIM can gain a little bit of market share with their upcoming release of the Playbook, but somehow I think Apple have beat them … again.

So, here’s a list of new noteworthy features – for more detailed information on the iPad 2, then I suggest you visit the Apple Store.  Please also note that the iPad 2 is set to be released in Ireland from 25 March onwards.  It’s still not clear if this day is when you start to purchase and how long the delivery time might be.

  • front and back cameras; provides you with two cameras, similar to iPhone 4, making it possible to use both Skype and FaceTime
  • dual processors; dual-core A5 chip, which is faster and should improve speed x2
  • faster graphics; allowing for better movie and game experiences
  • more movement sensitivity; accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope and compass all work together, making the iPad 2 more accurate
  • battery life; introduces an even better battery life … if that’s possible

– for people living in the US, you can order your iPad 2 from 11 march onwards.  Might be worth considering going to New York for a quick shopping spree mid March 🙂

I do have to applaud Apple for having reduced the “old” iPad, hoping to sell off the remaining stock before releasing the newer model.

Now, here’s the scary bit.  It is actually possible to buy pre-release models on eBay!  And, what’s even worse, the price quoted on the eBay site starts at $10,000 – ridiculous in my humble opinion.

The real question is, are you planning on getting the iPad 2, or would you be happy with getting the “old” iPad at a discount.

…I know I’m getting the iPad 2 🙂


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