Finally delivered

Late 2010, HiberniaEvros and Desarrollo 360 came together to support local community – abroad.   Their attention was focused on an NGO in Costa Rica called CEPIA.

CEPIA provide the local community, in particular single women who had been abandoned by their husbands, with support, allowing the women in the area to work independently.

In order to help CEPIA with administering the records and details of the local activities, and to stay in touch with the World using the web, HiberniaEvros and Desarollo 360 have shipped a 24″ iMac to Costa Rica.  Mac are known for efficient use of space and simple to use interface, and it only requires one power connection.

Several months later, the computer has finally been delivered and they are delighted with it.  They have absolutely no problem finding a good use for it, and it will come in handy when preparing letters, activities, events and research.

Furthermore, we hope that this act of random kindness will inspire other companies to support communities within or outside their areas.  It doesn’t cost much and every little donation helps.


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