Twitter in a nutshell

Have you or your company ever wondered why even bother using Twitter?

Let’s be honest.  Twitter can by itself not increase your revenue.  You still need your highly skilled and trained staff to provide customer service and close agreements.

However, Twitter can be used for creating awareness around your company and perhaps making contacts with decision makers and people looking for services/products.  It all depends how you approach and use Twitter.

Twitter recently released a couple of golden rules, which I’ve taken the liberty of re-writing slightly.  So, here are my reasons why you should engage and use Twitter.

Use it wisely – if you do create a Twitter account for your organisation, remember that all comments uttered by that profile has the potential to increase business awareness, but you could easily land in hot water too.  So, be cautious with what and to whom you reply.  It’s not a competition of how many people you reply to or how many tweets you send, but it’s the quality of your tweets.  You need to be seen/heard on Twitter, and this will in turn create an interest in your profile, i.e. organisation.

Gathering pace – your Twitter profile is probably up and running at this stage, and your are starring blindly at the Twitter traffic.  What’s next?  How do people find me?  Well, depending on what business you are in, you will have different interests.  It is these interests that you need to pursue, by following other companies, technologies, people, magazines, etc.  By following more individuals and groups, your Twitter stream will be come more and more busy.

Jump at it – now you have started to follow a long list of people and groups, then it’s time to interact with these by commenting on their blog posts or replying to their Tweets.  If your comments are valid and of interest, other Twitter users might start following you, thereby creating increased interest in your profile/organisation.

Hashtags Boulevard – this is getting a bit more advanced.  Using hashtags in your tweets is basically adding your tweet to a specific search.  You can create searches based on the hashtags and then ‘follow’ these searches.  E.g. your type a tweet about HP Storage and could easily add #greenIT #HP.  If a user, or you, have created automated searches in your Twitter tool of choice, then all tweets with those hashtags will appear.  NOW, this is where your Twitter administrator should start interacting.  The administrator sees a user asking a question or looking for information, and the administrator should jump on this to reply.

Which tools to use?  Well, that completely depends on your Twitter strategy – yes strategy – and how much you are planning to use Twitter.  Personally, I use TweetDeck, which works on both Mac and PC platforms, and that allows you to keep an eye on your searches and ‘friends’.

If you have questions on what your social media strategy should look like, why don’t you contact us?


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