The new HiberniaEvros

HiberniaEvros unveiled their new look early 2010, in the form of a new logo, a refreshed web site and a long-range of services.  The following sections will try to explain our ethos.

Our Technology

The logo symbolises people and technology working together.  Technology requires human input and we make sure the technology fulfill the client’s requirements.  Before deploying a technology, we will work with the client to understand their business objective, in order for us to recommend and deploy the best solution.  We take pride in developing our own staff to be highly skilled and experienced, providing clients with the expertise to complete any assignments.

To underpin our technology and delivery of solutions, we pride ourselves that HiberniaEvros …

  • Has some of the most technically qualified and experienced consultants working in Ireland today
  • Continue to identify the best technologies available
  • Develops with market leading technology companies
  • Actually supply technologies that delivers real benefits to our customers

Our People

It is important to portray our ethos in our logo and colors.  For that reason, we chose purple as our main color.  Purple has always been known as a warm color.  But more importantly, the new logo and new colors reflects our approachable

and human-focussed culture.  But, actions speaks louder than words, so in order for existing and new clients to work with HiberniaEvros, we:

  • Deliver what we promise!
  • Take time to listen to your requirement and understand your business
  • Provide solutions customers ask for, not just technology
  • Work with clients and their teams, to achieve the goals
  • Develop close relationships with our partners, to provide in-depth technology advise
  • Meet with clients to listen and assist with projects
  • Get involved with small and large projects – one size does not fit all

Our Solutions

We pride ourselves on taking a creative approach to solving your problems – so our new image will obviously help us create even more imaginative solutions!  When it comes down to it, the client is our main focus, so the solutions provided are developed with the client, not just for the client.


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