Better than the rest?

For almost 2 decades HiberniaEvros has been servicing the Irish market, providing a wide range of IT related products – just like so many other ITC companies in Ireland.

There has been many years of growth within the Irish ITC market, as a result of the famous Celtic tiger, and huge International organizations have created their EMA headquarters in Ireland.  However, it would be unfair to contribute HiberniaEvros’ success in the Irish market solely to this failed monster – now a mythical creature similar to Loch Ness.

True, many organizations throughout Ireland benefited extremely well from the economic growth, but it was also because other industries had no problem paying excessive prices for products and services.  As long as you could get the latest software version or most advanced hardware, customers would pay above the odds – giving them a short-term advantage over the competition.

However, a large amount of these ITC companies will regrettably not survive the next 3-5 years, and many of them have unfortunately already faltered because of rouge bankers, bold property developers and relaxed regulations by the Government.  It’s an unfortunate situation, but consumers and companies have to be positive, otherwise the spending will never improve and thereby not boost the growth of Ireland again.

The failure of some ICT companies is not just because of the disastrous economy situation Ireland is muddling through for the past 18 months, but because their business model and focus is not aligned the same way as HiberniaEvros’ mission.

  • Is HiberniaEvros successful compared to the competition?
  • Why does HiberniaEvros continue to grow?
  • How can HiberniaEvros win clients in a dormant market?

Well, the reason behind this is actually a simple and traditional formula – listen to the customer, advice the customer and sell solutions the customer need.

These sound like easy steps, and they are.  But, many ICT fail in their initial approach to customers.  The main focus for these are to get the foot in the door by selling cheap products or be extremely pushy – neither approach is a viable long-term strategy.

HiberniaEvros, on the contrary, will spend many hours and weeks getting to understand the customer and their requirements, while at the same time giving the customer an insight to the wealth of experience and skills within HiberniaEvros.

Because of this attention to the customer, winning new customers becomes easier, mainly because existing customers are happy to be a reference for HiberniaEvros.

It has to be said, HiberniaEvros does lose customers, and probably for the same reason many other ICT organizations loses customers – the client wants more for less or change of leadership within the organization brings new ideas.

HiberniaEvros will, were possible, participate in any tender process, but will for ethical reasons not lower their price in a bidding frenzy, underbidding the competition, as this will not only put a dent in HiberniaEvros’ philosophy, but it would also jeopardize HiberniaEvros’ existence and it’s responsibility to it’s employees.  A successful company is a result of motivated staff.


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